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A Guide to Buying the Props Instagram Influencers Use


Are you an influencer looking to grow your brand online – here are some great tips to buy the correct props to do so. 

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A Backdrop Stand 

This backdrop stand is a great buy . If you’re just starting out with video production or photography, then this is the product for you. It’s perfect for people who work from home.

This backdrop stand is great for people on a budget. One of the things I like the most about it is the bar can be extended. This Props comes in handy if you need more space to work with or you are working on portrait photography for your Instagram according to SMVT

I enjoy using the backdrop paper, and as well as use any kind of fabric I see fit for the project I’m working on. If you want to buy this backdrop stand, then I suggest buying these clamps to go along with it because they’ll come in handy. 

Backdrop Paper 

This backdrop paper was a game changer, and I am glad I bought it. The color of the paper means it goes with virtually anything. It’s also thick and durable, and can be used in many capacities. 

There is 12 yards worth of paper, which is good news if something ends up getting messed up. Furthermore, Props non-reflecting, so you can use it if you’re using artificial lighting. Finally, the Props paper is available in many colors, so feel free to be as creative as you want.

White Linen Curtains 

You can’t go wrong with choosing white linen curtains, especially when it comes to in-studio or at-home photoshoots. White linen curtains have an elegance look to them, and they can enhance any photo. Here’s a tip: scrunch them up because this will create a drapey look, as well as a dramatic look. 

Studio Lights

When I first started to create videos, I bought Limostudio lights a while ago, and they are the only lights I have used to date. I love that they are energy-efficient. A fabric diffuser is included with the lights, which means you can soften up their brightness.  I highly recommend using these lights if you want quality lighting for your videos or photoshoots.

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