A Guide To Beauty Technology

A Guide To Beauty Technology

Beauty Technology Guide

  1. Lipstick Shade Creator (Personalized)

Getting a personalized lipstick shade creator is a great idea if you want to be able to see how different shades of lipstick look on you without having to buy all of them and clutter your makeup table. This tool allows allows you to create new lipstick shades in only a couple of minutes wherever you are!

This lipstick shade creator also has an app that allows you to select which shade you want to use. It will create and dispense one usage of the shade that you choose.

The app can also save the different shades that you love as well as the last shade that was created. It has a virtual shade closet so that you can store all the shades that you love to easily access them in the future.

  1. Facial Steamer

In order to remove dirt and grime from floors as well as remove creases from your clothes, you likely use a steamer. As a matter of fact, these gadgets are not only great for your household but they can greatly benefit your skin.

When you use a facial steamer, the warm steam mists actually unclogs your facial pores. The facial steamer has a tank where water is stored so that it can create the steam or mist and release it through the openings. Then, once the steam makes contact with your facial skin, it actually loosens any debris or oils that are blocking your pores which allows you to easily clean them off.

Another benefit of facial steamers is that they increase how well your face serums and creams work. Once you’ve used a steamer to steam your face, you’ll notice how clean your skin and pores are. This helps your skin to better absorb your skin care products so that they work better and more effectively.

  1. LED Nail Lamp/UV Nail Lamp

Do you love getting gel nail manicures but are unable to have regular appointments? If so, then getting a DIY gel manicure station is a great idea and you can easily get it set up in your bedroom.

In addition to the gel nail polish, you’ll require a LED nail lamp or a UV nail lamp. This is necessary to cure the gel manicure within seconds so that it becomes long-lasting. The majority of these lamps have many helpful features such as one-touch controls, timer, automatic power-off, etc.

These will assist you in getting beautiful and professional-looking nails in the comfort of your own home.

  1. LED Therapy Mask

The best esthetician would recommend an LED therapy mask. This is essentially a face mask that has LED lights. Do note that it can create light that is in various wavelengths. This light actually penetrates the skin which assists in healing various skincare problems.

So, for example, if you have issues with circulation, then you can use red light as this helps to improve circulation. This can help to improve the look of lines or wrinkles. Next, you can use blue light if you have frequent acne breakouts since this light kills the bacteria that leads to these breakouts.

The red and blue lights are the most widely used colors, however, there are other LED masks that have additional colors. For example, amber light can help to increase the production of collagen in your skin and green can help to make your skin tone more even.

  1. Vibrating Massage Tools For The Face

Since the creation of LED therapy masks as well as microcurrent devices, it may appear as though vibrating face massagers are outdated. However, that is not the case as they can provide excellent results once you use them.

Vibrating facial tools are basically like new and improved face rollers. They actually massage the skin by giving off sonic vibrations. This provides a lot more benefits when compared to typical facial treatments. By using these devices you will be able to reduce puffiness, enjoy more relaxed facial muscles as well as plumper and more vibrant skin.

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