A Guide To Activating A Peacock TV On Streaming Devices

There are a bunch of different streaming platforms out there, but one that’s recently been making the headlines is Peacock TV. Run by NBC Universal, this versatile streaming platform has everything you need for a relaxing evening on the couch watching your favorite TV

Of course, before you can actually enjoy what Peacock TV has to offer, you first need to know how to activate peacock TV. This service is available on pretty much any kind of device that you can imagine, from Android, Apple, to Samsung devices. If you are wondering how to get it all set up, here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Firestick

If you have an Amazon firestick, then you will be pleased to know that you can use Peacock TV on it. It’s actually very simple to get it all set up too.

First, start off by turning the firestick on. Then press Home, Apps, and find the downloader app amongst your options. When you get to the home tab you should then be able to put the Peacock TV APK URL into the downloader, and you will then be prompted to install the Peacock TV app when you have been appropriately redirected and the downloading process is completed. 

It generally tends to take just a few seconds for it to all install, after which point you can then click done and then launch the app.

When the app is launched, all you have to do is sign in. The device will prompt you to do this, but if it doesn’t you will usually see the sign-in option in the corner on the top right of the screen. 

You may also be required to sign in using an activation code if you sign in using your phone. Follow the instructions on your phone in order to do this.

Now you’re all done! All that’s left to do is to watch some great TV!

Apple TV

Peacock TV is also compatible with Apple TV. To use it, turn the TV on and go to the App store on the device. You can then search for the peacock app using a keyboard that will come up on the screen, where you can then choose the app and set it up to install. When it has finished installing, you should then launch the app.

When you have launched the app, you’ll be asked to sign in. You can then enter all of your details to sign in. Alternatively, it’s also possible to activate your account using your phone. In this case, you will be given an activation code and instructions that you will need to follow.

Voila! Your Peacock TV is all ready to use on Apple TV! 

Android TV

You can activate your Peacock TV account on Android in a similar manner to how you would do it for Apple TV. Begin by visiting the Play Store and searching for the Peacock app on the keyboard that pops up. When you have found the app, install it and then launch the app.

When you have done this, sign in by following the instructions on the screen or activate using your phone. This is done in the same way as the previous two options that we have mentioned. When you have signed in and installed the app, all you need to do then is to work out what to watch.

Smart TV

Make sure that you are connected to the internet and look on the App Store on your Smart TV. Search for the Peacock TV app in order to find it, then click on the install button. From there, you can launch the app and then sign in as usual. Simple!


If you don’t have any form of smart TV, you can also sign in to Peacock TV on a PS4. Again, this is very simple to do. When your PS4 is on, go onto the home screen and visit the PlayStation store. You will then need to click on apps and then search for the word Peacock. The Peacock app should then come up and you can then install it. 

Wait for a while before the app installs, and you can then sign in to your account, either right from the screen or via your phone. You can then use the app as needed.


As you can see, activating the Peacock TV app is fairly simple! Just choose your device, install the app and then log in. Then you can get all sorts of great TV right at your fingertips. 

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