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A guide on how you can migrate from woocommerce to shopify


Shopify is one of the greatest and leading e-commerce platforms today. Most people recommend it because of its outstanding features and impact on business. Within 15 years, it has become viral among business people. Its features can boost sales, responsible for leading to a successful business. This is one of the many reasons most people love Shopify. Shopify has been of great help to business people who wish to start, manage, and run businesses. It has also been beneficial to most business people who desire business success. This has made people want to migrate from Woo-commerce to Shopify. Here is a straightforward guide on how you can successfully migrate from woo commerce to Shopify. 

Transfer your data from woocommerce

First, you should export all your accumulated details from your WooCommerce account. This is essential because exiting the WooCommerce store without moving all your data will lead to information loss. After all your details are transferred, your computer will download an XML file containing your WooCommerce information. You are going to utilize the file to import the facts into Shopify. The following are clear, straightforward steps you should use: 

  • Click tools move from WooCommerce admin. 
  • Pick all content. 
  • Click downloads the transfer file. 

Transferyour information to shopify

After all fundamental data has been moved from the WooCommerce store, you should transfer the information to Shopify. You should note that it is only the all-content XML file compatible with the store importer app. If you cannot access the file, you can use a mediator outcome transfer app. You can likewise select to transfer your information manually using CSV files. Many people feel secure when their information is transferred to Shopify. The top known transfer is wix to shopify migration. The following are precise steps you must use when transferring: 

  • Click store importer from your Shopify admin. 
  • Select WooCommerce from the drop-down menu to move your details into the Shopify page. 
  • Click ads and select your moved files under upload files. 
  • Select the WooCommerce XML file that you downloaded. 
  • Click continues transfer. 

Recheck your information

After carefully following stages one and two, you have successfully moved your information to Shopify. You can now access your information from Shopify admin. If some information was not transferred successfully, you could add them to Shopify manually. Take a review of the moved information and ensure that the all-important information you need is imported successfully. During your moving process, some mistakes may happen. Below are examples of four kinds of troubles that may occur and how you can decode them. 

Some information fails to transfer

It is not confident that all your information will export and import successfully. If some of your products or customers did not import, you could manually move them to Shopify. It is important to note that customers with the same email address and phone number are left out during a move. 

Bundled products

If your outcomes are in bundles on WooCommerce, you need to understand that you cannot move them usually to Shopify. You have to use an application to bundle products. Get yourself a product bundle app compatible with Shopify from the Shopify app store. The app is reaching out to support you in transferring bundled outcomes. 

Product Variants

If your outcome as variants and one is missing, this is a clear indication that the product is not moved. What do you do then? What you have to do is move the product to Shopify manually. Transferring products with variants manually will ensure that transferring information is flourishing. 

Products are not published 

How can you have transferred information that is not published? If any WooCommerce products had the visibility of their products hidden during your transferring process, then the effects are hidden after moving. The products are going to be transferred to Shopify as concealed. The promising news is making them known through accessible sales channels. 


Shopify is a fantastic app that will help you in your business. It will help your business thrive by putting you in a position to succeed. Enroll in Shopify today if you want to experience a whole new and exciting business experience.

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