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A.G. Assanti & Associates, PC – Preserving The Rights Of Road Accident Victims

Road rage is a term, coined in the 1990s, which identifies certain dangerous characteristics of a rational driver. However, it is markedly more serious and often connected to various criminal offenses. Experts have suggested that there are many reasons for the increased level of stress on the highways, and sociologists indicate that it is largely due to the disintegration of values in society. Moreover, the motor vehicle environment creates a sense of anonymity that can foster dissociation. Because of this, people are more likely to behave in offensive ways they would not normally engage in, resulting in accidents.

Individuals and families may have to deal with various unpleasant and costly issues ensued by accidents or personal injury. For example, property damage to vehicles can be expensive, not to mention the time it takes to arrange repairs and the inconvenience of not having access to the vehicle. Physical injuries can range from minor to major and can even turn into deadly events. Such experiences can also generate certain fears and phobias in the victim’s mind.

When it comes to the laws regarding road rage, they tend to vary from state to state. Drivers with reckless driving behaviors may be charged with minor or major traffic violations. Depending upon what occurs, some people could be charged with serious offenses like assault, vehicular homicide, or reckless driving.

Anyone who is the victim of road rage and has suffered damages to their property, vehicle, or person should seek legal counsel to determine how to recoup their damages. A competent and experienced attorney will be able to inform victims about their rights and advise the best way to proceed in recovering the damages to which the victims are lawfully entitled.

Alessandro Giancarlo Assanti entered the world of law, keeping all these things in mind and intending to preserve the legal rights of road accident victims. Born on January 18, 1964, in Loveland, Colorado, Assanti grew up doing ranch and farm work. His father, an Italian immigrant, was a source of inspiration for Assanti as he had served in General George Patton’s Infantry during World War II and was a Silver Star and Purple Heart Medal holder. Assanti graduated from the University of Colorado in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts with honors. He completed his MBA from UC Berkeley in 1991 with a specialization in Marketing and Finance and obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Western State College of Law in 1995.

Inspired by his father’s life, Assanti wanted to help people with honor. So, he decided to open a law firm to provide accident victims with the all-time best services and protect their rights. To accomplish this goal, he opened A. G. Assanti & Associates PC, a law firm specializing in handling motorcyclist cases as well as personal injuries. His firm also offers services related to personal bankruptcy, workers’ compensation, business litigation, family law and contracts, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents, revenue-sharing agreements, and professional service contracts.

Before his attorney career, Assanti was an experienced MX and dirt track racer and held the title of the Western Eastern Road Race Association (WERA) Champion and West Superbike and F1 Champion. However, in 2010, due to an injury, he had to withdraw from his passion. Since then, Assanti has completely indulged himself in his law firm that fearlessly raises its voice to preserve the legal rights of accident victims.

Assanti spent 26 years in the legal profession and represented several former and current American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) pro-racing riders. The firm possesses a proven track record of jury and bench trial awards and its clientele includes many AMA and world championship competitors.

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