A Fungible Token That Redefines Crypto Culture – VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko

A Fungible Token That Redefines Crypto Culture - VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko

A symbol of the degen counterculture movement, redefining crypto with its innovative fusion of art, community, and creativity.

Digital assets and tokens are now dominating the digital space with new introductions every now and then! In such a scenario, the emergence of a crypto-asset that captures the spirit of a cultural upheaval is certainly a rare occurrence.

Introducing VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko, a ground-breaking schizocurrency which is like a beacon of the degen counterculture movement on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meme Generation at Its Best:

Created by the enigmatic artist Schizocurrency, the VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko token has quickly become a revolutionary force in the crypto realm.

This distinctive fungible art token defies convention by embracing meme culture and incentivizing its creation. Operating under a refreshingly unique premise, the token boasts a 0% buy tax and a 1% sell tax.

The proceeds shall be allocated towards burned liquidity pool creation and marketing funds. This token is solely for the purpose of entertainment.


A Community Driven Approach:

The ethos of ETHEREUM revolves around the idea of fostering a community that vibrates with a shared energy. Now, this is well revealed by its slogan – , “ETHEREUM: We vibrate harder, erect together,”

The Artistic Contribution:

Schizocurrency’s artistic prowess is undeniable. It is already known in the NFT space with previous collections like Scroto Schizos and Tinubu Demons. These are both available on esteemed platforms like OpenSea and

The lore of ETHEREUM is further celebrated through sold-out collections like Madness of the Touched and Sacred Texts. At the moment, Schizocurrency offers an opportunity to mint the latest NFT collection, the captivating 3D Scrotos.

ETHEREUM’s Meteoric rise – Look at The Numbers:

  • Number of Holders – 542 holders
  • Traded – 8320 times
  • The total liquidity, valued at approximately $150,000 USD. This includes 40 WETH – 85% locked until June 9, 2024.

In a world that often gravitates towards seriousness, VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko (ETHEREUM) is a refreshing reminder of the potential for lightheartedness within the crypto space.

The token’s devotion to community engagement, artistic expression, and long-term commitment sets it apart as an embodiment of the degen counterculture movement.

Whether it’s the engaging meme content or the captivating NFT collections, VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko speaks to the unbridled enthusiasm and innovation of the crypto community.

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VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko (VTR-10N) represents a captivating fusion of technology and pop culture that has redefined the crypto landscape. By intertwining iconic characters with blockchain-based fungibility, VTR-10N has not only piqued the interest of the crypto community but has also attracted a wider audience. As this innovative token continues to evolve, its ability to bridge the gap between technology and culture could pave the way for a new era of crypto engagement and exploration. Only time will tell if VTR-10N becomes a fleeting trend or a lasting symbol of the dynamic nature of the crypto culture.

About VoldemortTrumpRobotnik-10Neko (ETHEREUM)

This is a schizocurrency that defies conventions and celebrates the degen counterculture movement through artistic expression, community engagement, and a commitment to creativity. It comes with a unique approach to incentives and displays a dedication to the meme culture.

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