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A Digital Miracle: Amazon Brand Registry Help to Create Better Selling Opportunity for Seller

Selling on Amazon can be a great opportunity for sellers as it helps them build their business, grow their brand and gain the benefits that the platform offers. While the platform can be a great initiative for you there are times when you are afraid of the privacy of your business and some risks could occur as well.

If you want to make sure that all risks are avoided and you are protected as a seller on Amazon, there is a tool known as ‘Amazon Brand Registry’ which offers all the benefits and features to sellers. Read on to learn more about what Amazon Brand Registry has to offer and what is the recent news on it.

What is Amazon Brand Registry All About?

Amazon Brand Registry is a tool that was introduced by Amazon for the betterment of sellers so that they could ‘protect their intellectual property,’ ‘manages their listings,’ and also ‘grow their business efficiently’ without a worry. There are numerous advantages of Amazon brand registry

Through the use of this tool you could report

  • Misuse of your trademark
  • Report copyright violations
  • Report patent violations and lock the content

on the product details as well so that no one else could have access to making any sort of changes.

What Does the New Amazon Brand Registry Policy Say?

According to the new Amazon brand registry policy, sellers have gotten an updated version and increased tools on how they can monitor their brand successfully.

This includes listing content control, a dedicated internal team to handle all matters, a tool to monitor the brand on Amazon,

Access to other marketing and authenticity programs,

choice to add ‘agents’ who also have access to brand registry, and the choice to report all issues such as technical, previous submitted cases, incorrect variations and much more.

Recent Amazon Developments for Brand Registry

Increased and Introduced New Brand Protection Tools

In order to ensure the safety of the sellers on the platform, Amazon has continued improving their brand registry program and has reduced the need for brands to find and report the infringements that they are facing. As the Amazon brand protection began to grow with time the number of valid notices filed on Amazon also fell down by 35%.

Stopped Bad Sellers from Conducting Sales

Thanks to the new and advanced technology employed by Amazon, it started connecting with potential sellers on the platform and makes the verification process strict through video chat and machine-based detection. Recently, Amazon stopped 800,000 accounts from being created so that bad sellers could be stopped from the platform and it could be a safer experience for other sellers and customers out there.

Held Wrong or Fraudulent Sellers Responsible

In 2022, Amazon continuously worked on ensuring that the fraudulent sellers were held responsible for what they were doing. They not only used law enforcement to stop these sellers but made sure to identify, seize, and appropriately dispose of over six million counterfeit products. This measure helped them be certain the same products would not be sold by someone else in the same supply chain.

Pay Attention to Customer Education

When so many customers are coming to a brand and making their daily life purchases through it, it is important for them to be aware of the policies that the platform offers.

Amazon has partnered with different platforms to make sure customers are aware on how they can shop safely, purchase authentic products, and also understand why it is crucial for them to deal with sellers properly and not accuse them of something wrong or whatever they might not have done. The campaign proved to be very successful as they were able to reach out to an audience of over 70 million only in the US.

The Bottom Line

Amazon operates with a motto of making sure they are committed to long-term thinking and operational excellence. As a platform it strives to be the best company ever with tolerance for all and having policies which making shopping and selling on it easy, safe, and hassle-free. We hope that as a seller we were able to give you updates on how beneficial Brand Registry can be so you could operate in a better manner keeping policies in mind.


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