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A digital birth certificate for every citizen

Birth certificate

The public sector much later digitized its services compared to the private sector. However, you can see the commitment and the level of changes introduced. Already, numerous public administration units use the latest technologies every day. For this purpose, they use the services of the best suppliers on the market.

Digital identification of a citizen’s identity

We can relate the introduction of modern office changes to digital transformation. This process required finding the best solutions in identity management and data security. Thanks to the digital identification of the citizen’s identity, it has become possible to implement innovative services.

Any citizen can get a digital match of their identity. It contains the data necessary to verify the person. The citizen becomes a user who can independently perform and authorize various transactions. The system’s task is to monitor whether the user is who they claim to be. Such transactions between the office system and citizens occur thousands of times daily. The public sector is, therefore, a mine of data about citizens and what they do. It is connected with the high standard of applied security.

Digital birth certificates and other documents within reach of a smartphone

The most significant advantage of digitization for citizens is access to essential documents in electronic versions. Previously, it was necessary to fill out paper forms and go to the office in person. Currently, documents such as a digital birth certificate or a marriage certificate can be obtained immediately in a virtual version – on your smartphone.

Digitization in the public sector has even reached primary identity documents. Nobody is surprised anymore with virtual ID cards, passports, or even driving licenses. The most important thing is the speed of action and simplification of processes related to dealing with official matters. Anyway, it is also a great help for the officials themselves. For example, no employee must be involved in issuing a digital birth certificate. Previously, not only the person who would provide services to the petitioner at the office was required, but also the person who would sign the birth certificate and even someone who would print and store it. Digitization saves offices a lot of time and money.

What can I use a digital birth certificate for?

A digital birth certificate is an ideal example of how many situations digitization in the public sector is helpful for. The birth certificate is the essential act of identity of every human being. In many countries, for example, its presentation is needed to get married. A birth certificate is also necessary for inheritance matters. It is also the primary document when applying for the first identity document for a child or teenager.

As you can see, the digital version of the document makes everything a lot easier. Mainly, you will use the digital version of the document to settle any matter.

Citizens are satisfied with the direction of change in the public sector. It is known, however, that they count on the more comfortable use of official platforms and more efficient functioning of offices.

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