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A Deep Dive Into How Technology Can Redefine Emergency Labor Markets: Interview with Amirali Kerimovs, a CPO of Baches App is a payroll & hiring app that contributes to a more transparent and accountable economic ecosystem in emergency markets. In this interview with TechBullion, software engineer and the company’s Chief Product Officer Amirali Kerimovs offers a detailed perspective on the approach to addressing challenges in the local labor market through strategic initiatives and technological innovations.

To begin with, please tell us more about yourself as a professional.

My name is Amirali Kerimov. I am a software engineer, IT product leader, founder, and tech innovator. My professional experience includes winning the largest cloud-driven hackathon and creating open-source software. I have held leadership roles in numerous international projects, including my work at Baches. Beyond practical achievements, I have authored many scholarly articles, blending insights from my work with theoretical aspects. Additionally, I am a member of the Open Association of Research Society in the United States.

Whether it’s working on real-world projects or writing articles, I see great opportunities in AI. I love exploring how it can improve our sphere. It’s a fascinating journey into making technology more intelligent and adaptable. With my work, I aim to create impactful outcomes and contribute meaningfully to the field of Information Technology.

Could you give us a walk-through of what you are currently working on at Baches App and what problems are you solving?

I can actually devote a good hour answering this question because there are so many nuances of our work.

The website and mobile app are the premier hiring and payroll solution in Ecuador that addresses several challenges prevalent in the local labor market – firstly, to decrease the portion of the informal economy in the country. Our App  formalizes job opportunities, ensures legal compliance, and offers benefits to both employers and employees.

This is not just a traditional hiring website where its owners generate revenue through a commission-based model. Using technology and making strategic partnerships, we are staying compliant with local labor laws and regulations and creating a safe and reliable space for millions of workers.

When did you realize that Baches App is a game changer?

It is through a mix of research, conversations with locals, and feedback that we have received after launching the close beta version. We have organized extensive market research to identify customer preferences. It took us time to talk to businesses navigating the informal job scene and workers looking for more transparency – in total, our team has interviewed more than 800 people. It helped us to get a clear vision of what people needed and use the latest technology trends to give them that. As a result, at the time of the alpha release, we had 340+ local business owners who joined our app.

We knew we were onto something big when we saw what kind of positive changes our solution brings — a more formal job market, clearer business operations, and people getting real opportunities they might have missed out on before.

Can you provide insights into the specific challenges that your company has identified in the labor market in Ecuador? And what strategies have you employed to address them?

The traditional employment system that we all know is not widespread in Ecuador. The size of the country’s informal economy is estimated to be 37.2%, making it challenging for individuals to find official jobs and for businesses to identify suitable candidates. Our solution changes the whole approach to hiring and payroll, making it quicker and more effective for both employers and job seekers.

The app gives millions of people an opportunity to find official and fairly paid contracts in the following, typically informal, sectors – cleaning, gardening, childcare, elder care, and more. Since it will be used by millions of users, we are taking care of many tech aspects of our creation: data security, API integration, scalability, AI technologies, integration of communication tools, and more.

Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations with local entities that contribute to the effectiveness of your hiring and payroll solution in the region?

We are closely working with  EPICO, which allowed to accelerate the development process. With their support, we can navigate legal and bureaucratic processes, adapt our product and service faster, and comply with government regulations and standards. 

You’ve mentioned having a particular interest in AI. How is it being used for the candidate screening process and identifying the best fit within your hiring app?

Job matching algorithms are a critical aspect of any hiring app as it aims to efficiently connect employers with the most suitable specialists. We’ve implemented advanced algorithms to match job listings with candidates based on skills, experience, and preferences. Both AI and machine learning (ML) offer a broad range of possibilities across various stages of the employment lifecycle. For example, using ML and AI models, it’s easy to analyze user behavior on the app and understand their preferences over time. This is crucial for providing personalized job recommendations.

As our app continues to develop, we are going to add more features and use AI-based technologies to provide more value to our end users, for instance, for intelligent interview scheduling or tax deductions and other financial transactions.

Looking ahead, what technological trends do you foresee influencing the future?

I would name the continued advancements in AI and ML. It’s the appearance of more sophisticated algorithms, increased automation, and intelligent decision-making. The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem will also continue to expand, connecting an increasing number of devices and enabling the development of innovative applications and services across various sectors and areas of our life.

What tips do you have for our readers who want to create a change with an AI-based tech product?

Creating a transformative AI-based product begins with identifying a significant problem, ensuring your solution aligns with real-world needs. As a specialist who’s responsible for creating a tech product from scratch, I recommend diving into market research to better understand the target audience and their current challenges. Only by combining technical expertise with a user-centric and ethical approach, it will be possible to create solutions that drive positive change and contribute to a better future.

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