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A Conversation With Privileged Founder And CEO, Niloufar Banisaied, And How Match Group Reached Out Before Privileged Hit The Market!

She is no stranger to tech and the dating app industry, as she is the CEO of Alpha Gay Dating & Chat. Her passion for dating and not finding what she wanted on multiple dating apps led her to create privileged. Essentially she turned her trauma into millions and aimed to help women and men worldwide feel empowered by online spaces.

As Niloufar Banisaied continues to be a trailblazer for women in the tech business and advocating for safe online spaces, she isn’t even close to being done. At just 26, her career is just beginning.

“Cherish being underestimated,” she said in an interview with London posts, “That’s your superpower.”

We did a Q&A with Niloufar Banisaied, and her answers were quite Inspiring. 

Q – How did you come up with the name Privileged? What were other names considered?

A – I think everything in life is a Privilege. It’s such an intimate process when you think about it while you’re dating. I wanted something that fits the tier of dating that I would bring to the market. There are no dating apps on the market. I’m Persian and Arab dating isn’t something we do in our culture or be open about; we take it very seriously. Privileged just worked out for us. 

Q- What are you doing to ensure diversity within the company?

A– Great question. Diversity in our workplace and hiring is our top priority—the bottom line. All of our team are from different ethnic backgrounds. I honestly prefer it that way, it’s more fun, and you learn so much from one another.

Q- What went through your mind when creating Privileged? To create a competing force against other firms in the industry? 

A– Honestly, when I first started working on Privileged, it wasn’t about competition. It was about solving the problem I have had for years and years. It was always about solving the root of the problem that I shared with so many other women. I wanted to make sure women can be honest about what they’re looking for without sugar coat it. 

She’s not only the CEO of Privileged dating, but she is also the CEO of Alpha Gay Dating & Chat! 

Alpha is known for having a hotter, more intelligent, and respectful crowd.

Despite many new additions to the dating app landscape, Alpha continues to be one of the most popular apps with millions of users as of December 2021. The app, known for its unique feature live video chat matchmaking, remains in close competition with Grindr, But how does Alpha work — and is it better than Tinder?

How does Alpha work

To create an account on Alpha, sign up with your Apple ID or phone number. From there, you create your profile: add photos, write a bio, share traits and kinks. The app has an option for PrEP, which takes health-conscious to another level! 

Before using Alpha, you’ll also want to set your match preferences. You can choose many filters to determine age and location ranges and if you wish to see nearby or global or just swipe away! 

With a free Alpha account, you can set 12 out of 2 “Advanced Filters” and sift out users based on other factors like lifestyle (such as Tribe) or what they’re looking for (like something casual or a relationship). You can set as many advanced Filters as you want with an Alpha + membership.

Here are the in-app prices listed for Alpha + subscriptions:

  • One month at $3.99
  • Three months at $8.99
  • Six months $14.99

Alternatively, there’s BOOST ME, which is a bit cheaper. In-app prices are:

  • One boost $1.99
  • 10 boosts $9.99
  • 20 boosts 14.99

Alpha, fundamentally, is based on location: men appear in descending proximity, and everything else goes from there. You can filter by various categories. There are also some exciting additions. The fact profiles allow you to mention your preferences about being sent or receiving, NSFW, Browse through 21 million + members, and most importantly, you can change your location for safety purposes to “private mode.” 

“Our mission is to create a digital home where the LGBTQ+ community feels they belong and are supported and where they can find love. We strive to make sure that Alpha is a safe space, where people can be both sexually and emotionally open about their wants and needs,” says Alpha CEO and CFO Niloufar and Neima Banisaied. 

Alpha – gay dating and Chat is the best app you would find in the market. Our advanced filters make finding the special one easy for you. Even if you are looking for something casual, you will be delighted to use the best matchmaking artificial intelligence (AI) that we have to bring to you, someone you have been looking for all this time.


The Pros

  • Pretty easy to use
  • Numerous filters
  • Beautiful interface
  • Good quality male users
  • Videochat
  • Affordable pricing
  • Verification badge options

The Cons

  • Too many in-app ads
  • A high number of messages


The Pros

  • Accurate list of profiles
  • Hookup options
  • Sleek and easy to use interface


  • The messaging feature is slow
  • Too many ads for the free version
  • Targeted to a sub-community of gay men
  • Used for intimate hookups

The verdict

Alpha would be a good platform for you if you just started dating or are looking for FWB if you just started dating or are looking for FWB. If you’re looking for something quick, tight and fast, and locally, you can also try Grindr.

Alpha is mainly used in countries (like Turkey and Russia) where Grindr is banned.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, why not explore both these apps yourself, as they are available to download for free. This way, you can pick which one you like better as an option between Grindr or Alpha. With this perspective, you will have a better insight into the Grindr vs. Alpha debate and will likely have already picked a preferred application.

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