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A Comprehensive Guide to Mediversal Hospital: Services, Facilities, and Reviews

Situated at the heart of the city, Mediversal Hospital is the best hospital in Patna with multiple amenities and the latest technology. The state-of-the-art healthcare facilities mark the success of this medical institution. The hospital is designed with all sorts of comforts and patient-centric approaches to offer the best service. Besides, Mediversal provides a variety of medical assistance to patients of all ages with the highest level of care. Keep scrolling through the article to know more about Mediversal Hospital.

Services of Mediversal, The Best Hospital in Patna

Here is a brief account of some of the healthcare services that Mediversal offers:

  • Cardiology

Mediversal has a top-quality cardiology department with modern heart support systems, a team of professional cardiologists and efficient heart surgeons. Besides, they offer a variety of cardiac diagnostics such as ECG, Echo Cardiogram, Holter Monitor Test, and TMT. The cath lab and technicians also deserve special mention. At Mediversal, one can get treatment for rheumatic, pericardial, and hypertensive heart diseases. 

  • Neurology

The neurology department of Mediversal has an efficient team of neurosurgeons, neurologists and neurointensivists. The neuro department of Mediversal is considered the best among the surrounding region of Patna. The hospital also covers different types of neuro diagnostics such as NCV, EEG and EMG. From migraine to Parkinson’s disease, the hospital is an expert at treating every type of neurological disorder.

  • Oncology

As a renowned multispeciality hospital in Patna, the oncology department of Mediversal extensively helps patients to fight cancer. We have the best radiation therapy available at our healthcare facility. Besides, our nurses, counsellors and other healthcare assistants are specially trained to provide maximum comfort to cancer patients by creating a holistic care setting.

  • Orthopaedics

Under our orthopaedic care, patients can get a variety of services such as arthritis treatment, joint, knee, hip, elbow, etc. replacement surgeries. Besides, we are specialized in sports and spine surgery. In addition, the physiotherapy section under this department also deserves special mention. Moreover, the paediatric orthopaedics surgery provided by Mediversal is also considered the best in Patna.

  • Gynaecology 

As the best hospital in Patna Mediversal gives all-inclusive care for pregnant women and also addresses every gynaecological complication. Our gynaecologists are efficient in solving problems like menopause, infertility, hormonal issues etc.

Facilities of Mediversal

A plethora of facilities offered by Mediversal is as follows:

  • Modern Medical Equipment

Mediversal has the best modern medical appliances to provide the best life support to patients. Especially the diagnostics are run on all new machines to provide 100% accuracy in the test results.

  • Intensive Care

From newborns to critical patients, everyone can get the best intensive care treatment from the well-equipped intensive care units of Mediversal. 

  • Operation Theaters

The hospital has advanced operation theatres powered by efficient life support systems and machinery to ensure safety during the operation.

  • Emergency Services

Mediversal team is well-trained in managing emergency patients. Our emergency care units are open all day ready to fight any odds with great efficiency and expertise.

  • Laboratory Services 

Mediversal offers the best diagnostics system, pathology and radiology department in Patna so patients can undoubtedly come here to get any related service.

  • Technology Driven Environment

Being a super speciality hospital in Patna, Mediversal has implemented technology from management to healthcare service. As a result, patients get swift service, the best care, and a clear understanding of the treatment. Besides, we also use intelligent technology like smart lighting etc. to reduce energy consumption and to ensure sustainability.

What People Say About Mediversal, The Best Hospital in Patna

Mediversal Hospital has received a huge positive response from patients and patient parties. Not only the healthcare system but our patients are also greatly satisfied with our medical staff, our compassionate approach and hassle-free systems like introducing a cashless hospital structure. Our hospital décor also has got immense praisings from our patients as we have designed the interior in such a way that they get more natural light and air. You can check our patient review section to get a detailed account of their great experience with us.


Hope you have got a clear understanding of the services, and facilities of Mediversal, the best hospital in Patna. The happy patients’ reviews for our healthcare facility have always been very encouraging for us and paved our path towards the peak of success. We as a team believe in integrity, cooperation and innovation so that you can get top-quality treatment from us. Besides, our team is filled with great leaders, doctors, surgeons and healthcare specialists to offer you the highest level of medical service.

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