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A comprehensive guide to best practices and charges for car rental in Dubai

A comprehensive guide to best practices and charges for car rental in Dubai

Dubai is the bustling Metropolis of UAE. It’s the city of opportunities and the place where the modern architecture meets the real charm of traditional souk. Exploring the city demands the convenience and flexibility of the car. However if you are visiting Dubai and want to navigate the city in your own style, there’s no better option than rent a car Dubai service. But for many visitors as well as residents, navigating the process of car rental might be challenging. In this guide, we’ll discuss the significant process of car rental Dubai and empower you to inform you about the process in Dubai.

Understand the car rental charges

Before heading towards the specifics of car rental Dubai, it is important to know the various charges linked with the car rental process.

Basic car rental fees

The cost of the car rental vehicle itself is included in the car rental agreement. It might be charged on a daily or weekly basis and the price varies depending on the significant factors. These include the car rental duration, car model as well as the company’s policy.


Generally, the car rental agencies in Dubai offer two types of insurance. These are collision damage waiver and third party liability insurance. These insurances are responsible to cover the damage to the vehicle. Third party liability insurance is responsible to cover the damage to other vehicles or property. However, it is suggested to ask for comprehensive insurance coverage in order to minimize the financial liabilities in Dubai.

Security deposit

Most of the companies need a security deposit. It’ll be refunded upon returning the vehicle in good condition. Keep in consideration that the amount of security depends on the value of the vehicle as well as the policy of current agencies.

Fuel charges

Car rental companies provide a full tank of fuel and must be returned in the same condition. If you don’t do so it may result in additional fuel charges.

Mileage charges

Keep in mind that most car rental agreements include a mileage limit. If you go beyond additional charges, you’ll have to pay extra. It’is essential to conform the mileage policy with the company before finalizing the agreement.

Additional driver fees

If you want to share your driving responsibility with another person, you have to pay an additional driver free to the company. The fee varies depending on the company and its charge per day or rental period

Choosing the right car rental agency

As there are hundreds of car rental agencies working in Dubai, selecting the right one can be challenging. Here are some of the significant factors you have to consider while renting a car in Dubai.


You have to research the car rental companies that offer online reviews from the previous company. In this way, you’ll know their customer service as well as reliability.

Pricing transparency 

Transparent pricing is important to avoid hidden charges. You have to select a company that offers clear information regarding the insurance cost and additional fees.


Always consider the convenience of the car rental companies, operating hours and location. It is important if you plan to pick up and drop of the car outside regular business hours.

Fleet diversity

It’s important to look for a car rental company in Dubai that offers a diverse fleet of vehicles according to your budget and requirements. Most of the companies offer compact cars for urban exploration and SUV for off- road adventures in Dubai and across Dubai.

Tips for smooth car rental experience in Dubai

In order to ensure a smooth car and experience in Dubai, you have to follow these tips:

  • It would be best if you reserve your car rental in advance especially during the peak hours. In this way, you’ll seek the vehicle of your choice.
  • Always review that rental agreement before signing to understand all the terms and conditions.
  • Before driving, always inspect the vehicle if there is any pre-existing damage. Make sure that all the features are working in order.
  • Stick to all the traffic rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience in the City. Avoid parking violations and over speeding to prevent yourself from heavy penalties.
  • Always stick to the agreed upon return date to avoid late fee penalties.
  • Return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel so you can avoid additional refueling charges.
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