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A Comprehensive Guide for Wikipedia New Article Creation

create a Wikipedia article

Wikipedia new article creation offers numerous advantages to businesses that manage to publish their article. Companies can significantly increase their reach through Wikipedia which is the most visited website in the world. Not only that, but it will also enhance the credibility of your brand. 

Wikipedia article ensures that customers can rely on your brand for genuine products and services. Brands can use this positive perspective of customers for their benefit and increase their sales. Here are a few steps you can go along with to create a Wikipedia article for your business. 

1.Check if your brand is eligible to create a Wikipedia article 

First and foremost, your brand should be valid enough to publish an individual article on Wikipedia. It can be notable if your brand can provide significant authentic sources. For that to happen, you will need an unbiased and appealing story about your brand told by reliable journalists.

Wikipedia does not accept self-published content. Instead, it focuses on what other independent sources have written about your brand. To make your work easy you can also hire a Wikipedia page creation agency that can assess the notability of your brand.

2.Create an account on Wikipedia

To create a new article or edit an existing one you need to register an account on Wikipedia. Moreover, you can become a part of the Wikipedia editors’ community and interact with them once you have an account. This will boast your reputation among Wikipedia editors and make your profile more authoritative and credible. 

3.Edit existing articles on Wikipedia  

Wikipedia new article creation can take up to three months in the submission process. However, if your account has a history of more than 10 edits you can avoid this waiting period. It will not only make your process quick and easy, but it will also increase your credibility on the site.

Furthermore, you can help the Wikipedia community by improving the content of other articles. You can refine the text, add more references or make the articles more detailed. It will also increase the possibility of your content getting reviewed and published.  

4.Gather reliable sources for your topic

Wikipedia allows only unbiased and comprehensive content to be published. Make sure to gather credible information about your business. Add several external sources that can improve the notability of your article and make it more comprehensive. 

5.Write a draft of your Wikipedia article 

To ensure that your Wikipedia article is thorough you should start by writing a draft. It will help you produce a more developed, well-searched and informative article. Add factual information instead of bragging about your brand. Organise your draft content in successive paragraphs and write references in the proper format.

6.Submit your article for review 

Once you are done with writing and editing your article, it is time to submit the page to Wikipedia. The reviewing process takes time as it is carried out manually. Wikipedia editors might even ask you to include or delete some content to improve your article. Do not take offence to their criticism and try to incorporate their feedback as best as you can.  

Since Wikipedia new article creation is a complex process, your article may get rejected a few times. But don’t lose hope and keep on improving your work until you gain approval.

7.Keep updating your article 

Wikipedia is a user-generated platform where anyone can edit your articles. Even after your article is published, keep an eye on your content. Update your article frequently with up-to-date relevant information about your services or products to keep your audience engaged.

Hire Wikipedia Page Creation Agency for your Brand

Creating a Wikipedia article for your brand can improve its credibility, increase traffic and engage more customers. Businesses can use this ever-evolving encyclopaedia to their benefit and increase their significance. Regardless of the time-consuming method, the result is worth the trouble. 

If you are considering creating a Wikipedia article for your business, you can hire a trusted and affordable Wikipedia page creation agency like BP4u Solutions. Their experienced team can help you edit or create top-quality content for your brand and make the whole process smoother for you.

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