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A Complete Guide to Staff Augmentation for Startups in 2022

The IT sector experiences a shortage of skills. However, the digital era is growing, so every business requires an app or web software. That is why the tech world is in urgent need of employees. Developing software is a must-have if you want to boost the development process, increase business value, customer loyalty, and stay in demand in case of market turbulence.

Developing software is also essential for any startup to raise investments. It could be MVP development, full-cycle software development or boosting the app with features for higher investor interests. Regardless of the goal, startups should choose the proper cooperation model to effectively reach their business needs. Luckily, team augmentation is currently the best option for startups that need software development and getting funded.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation, more known as team augmentation, is a cost-efficient and highly flexible cooperation model of outsourcing to develop software quickly. Being especially valuable within startups, outstaff is beneficial whenever the business needs to fill the skill gap, find candidates for temporary vacancies or speed up the development process. Within this model, specialists are hired on a contractual basis, while they are usually working remotely and joining your exciting team.

IT staff augmentation services are used to deliver technically qualified employees on board without the need for time-consuming and costly recruitment. This cooperation model is one of the best options for startups since it has been shown to save lots of money, resources, and time, allowing business owners to focus on more valuable things. Thanks to skill shortage, various organisations widely adopt staff augmentation to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation 

Save Time, Money and Resources

Team augmentation services save businesses from the most time-consuming and costly process – recruitment. This is because the team that gives you specialists is responsible for hiring, interviewing and providing devs for your project according to your needs. This means you do not need to waste money on HR resources, time on the hiring process, and additional office spaces. Saving you from all these things, you also don’t need to provide the candidates with the following:

  • Visa;
  • Benefits and Insurance;
  • Rent allowances; 
  • Relocation;
  • Taxes;
  • Promotion;
  • End-of-service benefits;
  • Documents related to new employees.

Tech-Savvy Team

Outstaff services are valued within development teams lacking unique skills. This is because this cooperation model allows companies that hire augmented employees to choose the best specialists from a wide talent pool. Since other cooperation models only offer specialists from one country (which could be the UK, US, or Poland), team augmentation is valued thanks to the diversity and broader choice. As a result, you will be able to find unique talents from all across the globe within a week and create a highly tech-savvy team with the needed expertise.

Highly Flexible 

Team augmentation provides high flexibility in hiring, managing, or even discontinuing after finishing the client project. Since the hiring of staff augmentation works on a contractual and temporary basis, you don’t need to worry about any long-term commitment, which also boosts the efficiency of the software development, reduces stress and saves money.

Earn Expertise and Knowledge

As we mentioned, staff augmentation allows companies to hire experts with niche-down expertise and unique knowledge. Since these experts are going to work with your in-house team, your developers can also earn this expertise and knowledge, allowing you to later avoid any kind of cooperation and develop products on your own.

When to Choose Team Augmentation Services?

Even though team augmentation is one of the most popular cooperation models, it doesn’t benefit all companies in all cases. Below you will see the list of situations when IT staff augmentation opts for these services.

  • You want to save money and resources on hiring;
  • You run a short-term project;
  • You run a startup;
  • You need to expand your exciting team;
  • You need specific skills;
  • You want to speed up the development process.

What to Consider?

If you are going to hire an augmented team, you need to make sure the choice will be right. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors:

List Requirements & Set Goals

Before you are able to choose the right development provider, you need first to explore your business needs. This stage helps to provide valuable insights and allows you to list requirements regarding your new employees. Here you should list specific skills you need, timelines, experience level and so on. Once the list is made, jump on a quick call with your team to discuss expectations and goals, so you both can clearly see the picture.

Choose the Right Team

Choosing the right team, like Deazy, is essential to achieving your goals. This is why you have to check many things before making your decision. These include expertise, reviews, coding style, and communication skills, and you can also interview the candidates to verify their expertise by yourself. 

Timely and Efficient Communication

Since communication is one of the key issues you may experience when hiring an augmented team, it is always best to explore your team’s communication skills first. Proper and efficient communication will help you always to stay informed and updated while also providing a clear idea of the goals and expectations. All these factors lead to an honest and open relationship between the two teams.

Final Thoughts

Every business now requires software development for a specific goal. However, the IT sector experiences a skill shortage, which makes it hard to find fresh minds and unique skills. Luckily, there are many options for large organisations and startups to develop top-notch products in a quick and cost-efficient way. Team augmentation is currently the best option for most cases, allowing companies to choose talents from a wide talent pool, reduce costs on recruitment and speed up development.

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