A Complete Guide to B2B Web Portal Development Costs

B2B Web Portal Development Costs

Find out what factors do actually shape web portal development costs.

A web portal is a client-centric solution that makes information from various sources available with a single point of access.

Today, for many businesses, a custom web portal is the best way to establish steady relations with both customers and associates on the one hand, and with employees on the other. In addition, custom web portals play a prominent role in streamlining business processes and increasing long-term engagement.

However, what is web portal development and what kind of web portal does your company need? How much does it cost to build a custom web portal for business? Let’s figure it out!

What Is a Web Portal?

As mentioned above, web portals are such platforms that provide companies with the ability to effectively form durable relations with their business partners, vendors, customers, employees, patients, members, representatives, and other related persons.

Besides, custom web portals are markedly different from conventional websites. They provide users with the opportunity to log in to a personal account in order to get private, and therefore secure, access to the information and tools needed.

An average web portal development company often finds itself involved in the development of the following types of custom solutions:

  • Business portals (B2B, B2C)
  • Employee portals
  • Ecommerce portals
  • E-learning portals
  • Membership portals
  • Community portals
  • Patient portals

At Fively we provide all kinds of web portal development services.

Benefits of Custom Web Portal Development

Custom web portals stand out not only for providing an unsurpassed user experience but also for being a one-stop solution for a wide range of business problems. Taking into account the fact that totally different technology stacks can be applied to create portals, there is no point in doubting — their workability is potentially unlimited.

Regardless of the industry, a tailored web portal benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Effective self-service. Let your customers deal with issues on their own to cut back on your support team.
  • Improved interactions. Exercise an individual approach to each client without exceeding a budget.
  • Educated customers. Get your audience up to date with relevant information in no time.
  • Enhanced engagement. Ensure clients’ loyalty by giving them exclusive access to your resources.
  • Greater security. Take it easy, the access to personal information is private, and it is only you who can verify users.
  • Automated processes. Integrate your in-house or 3rd party solutions to guide the customer journey to the full.

And these are just some of the benefits that can encourage you to create a custom web portal.

What Are the Web Portal Development Steps?

If you’ve decided to get a custom web portal, then you better know that the release should be expected no earlier than 6 months from the start of development. 

The development process itself will consist of standard 4 stages:

  1. Consultation: this stage is needed to decide for whom the portal is being created and what functionality is needed.
  1. Estimation: at this stage, the idea is finalized, the technology stack is determined, and a roadmap is drawn up.
  1. Implementation: this is the equator of the entire development cycle when designers, developers, and testers are involved.
  1. Support: this stage is necessary to fix minor flaws based on numerous reviews from real-world users.

What Is the Cost of Custom Web Portal Development?

It is rather difficult to talk about some specific cost of web portal engineering, just like in the case of developing any other technically sophisticated product. 

The reason is obvious, all the prices depend strictly on how many resources you are willing to invest and what result you want to achieve. Nevertheless, on average, the cost of a custom web portal development starts from $30,000+.

Since portals are normally designed taking into account the needs of a customer, a significant share of the expanses falls on the implementation of the functionality and elements of the portal. The more features, the more complex and therefore more expensive the project becomes. So, be sure to pay particular heed to the planning stage when the architecture of a portal is being developed. 

Certainly, the cost directly depends on whom you will cooperate with for the development of a portal. Most likely you will need to hire a team consisting of managers, designers, developers, and testers. In such cases, it is better to get in contact with software companies that provide web portal development services.

Why Your Business Needs a Web Portal

Today, businesses are spending a fabulous amount of money on digital transformation, and this trend is only gaining momentum. There is no doubt that the need for modern business solutions will not dissipate into thin air.

The game rules are changing, but while business portals are still able to give a boost to your company, go for it! After all, you do not need to have a huge budget to create a web portal that will do the job.

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