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A chat with Lawyer Jeremy Diamond – Building the Law Firm of the Future


The age of newspapers, billboards, flyers and brochures, and direct mails is coming to a close. More people are opting for digital marketing, due to reach, scale, tracking and better ROI metrics.

Digital marketing, accompanied, by the right marketing strategies can mean that your business can go to greater heights. A perfect example of this is Diamond and Diamond. Led by lawyer Jeremy Diamond, this company has been changing the old ways of how law firms should market their services.

Through their exceptional marketing strategies, they were able to transform a small law firm into one of Canada’s largest personal injury law firms. Read on to know more about how his success came to be.

Jeremy Diamond on the History of Diamond and Diamond Law

Diamond and Diamond Law was initially started by Jeremy’s uncle, David Diamond. That is why, growing up, Jeremy had the chance to experience how the firm helped personal injury victims and see the impacts on their lives first-hand.

Jeremy Diamond’s passion for helping out other people is what fueled him to expand the company’s services across the country. In 2012, when Jeremy Diamond became an owner of Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, he ensured that the firm would stop at nothing to help personal injury victims.

From then on, Diamond and Diamond Lawyers have helped countless people in their personal injury claims and other law-related concerns. Through the years, the company has broadened its scope to accommodate more clients seeking justice.

During our interview with Jeremy Diamond, he mentioned that “building a law empire doesn’t occur by accident, and it doesn’t happen without strong leadership.” We know this to be true since a law firm as large as Diamond and Diamond Lawyers will not be well-established today if it weren’t for his team’s clear vision and strategic decisions along the way.

It is evident that Jeremy, his wife, and brother-in-law are a powerful trio that makes a good team in building and leading a team of lawyers to greater heights of success. In fact, a survey in 2016 revealed that approximately 70% of the people in the greater Toronto area are familiar with Diamond and Diamond Lawyers and its excellent services.

Jeremy Diamond on Canada and Workplace Injuries

Recent statistics reveal that around 250,000 Canadians claim that they got injured while working. And in 2019 alone, 925 workplace fatalities were recorded in Canada. One of the most surprising facts about this is how many young workers aged 15 to 24 died. This is unfortunate because the exact number of victims isn’t exact because those not officially reported or not accepted may have escaped the attention of the compensation boards. This just means that the total number is even greater than what the statistics reveal.

When asked about it, Jeremy said that “as a personal injury lawyer, it is quite alarming that a lot of people are experiencing these hardships, yet only a small fraction gets justly compensated for the physical pain and suffering they sustained.” He added, “this is the reason why I want to expand further to other regions; to reach more people in need of a trusted lawyer.”

In most cases, work-related injuries impact a person’s income, relationships, and mental wellness. However, there are cases where a significant accident leaves an impact on the person’s future employment opportunities and his/her enjoyment of life.

The Revolutionary Marketing Strategy of Jeremy Diamond

A lot of people think that the marketing strategy of Jeremy Diamond is somewhat complicated. However, it is nowhere near that. Jeremy told us, “what I did was simple, I saw an opportunity that no other law firm was willing to invest in, and I took it. For years, we’ve had this marketing campaign that was quite successful, but upon seeing how digital marketing could revolutionize our business, I never hesitated to create a marketing strategy that combines traditional and digital marketing.”

He also said that “Recently, we’ve also ventured out to improve our digital presence by focusing on Adwords and SEO in the digital space.” This strategy evidently impacts the company positively since it has allowed them to have high search visibility across various search engines.

Jeremy stressed that a good marketing strategy would take you far, but you’d have to back it up with extraordinary service to keep moving forward. In addition to this, he noted that “great service and good marketing are equally as important as my team’s skill and dedication to bring justice to our clients.”

Focus Areas of Diamond and Diamond

Diamond and Diamond Law is well versed in all areas of personal injury law. For decades, it has catered to various clients in settling claims for car accidents, slip and falls, brain injuries, work-related injuries, wrongful death, animal and dog bites, long-term disability, and representation of insured persons in party accident benefit claims.

If you’d want to learn more about Diamond and Diamond and their services, you can visit their site through this link.

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