A Champion Amongst the FUD.

Globally, there are thousands of companies jumping on the ICO bandwagon. Cryptocurrencies are the number one way for tech companies to raise their seed capital today.

Most of the ICOs that you will see out there are based around some kind of technological idea, and they are asking for tens of millions of dollars in order to start the process of developing or creating their product.

  • There are privacy coin ICOs: promising to create the most secure, untraceable cryptocurrencies
  • There are artificial intelligence-based ICOs: Promising to create special algorithms, chatbots and AI construction platforms.
  • There are communication ICOs: promising yet another end-to-end encryption system.
  • There are crypto debit card ICOs: Promising a new way to spend your crypto in the real world.
  • There are social network ICOs: promising to connect you with your circle of contacts.

All well and good, they have the idea and may well have the ability to create what they are promising, but the key words there are “may well” and “create” effectively they are saying “Give us your money and you might get to use our products 6, 12 or even 18 months down the line”.

Is that really where you want to see your money?  Are you happy for your held coins growth in value to be dependant on someone, somewhere, recruiting the right people and jumping through technological hoops to build the thing they promised on a timeline they based on having all your money to work with? Are you happy to wait to see these projects come to fruition?

Anyone involved in cryptocurrency today must be aware of how difficult it is to get a project properly financed to really take root. With governments around the world broadcasting various intents to regulate or ban cryptocurrencies it is becoming more and more difficult to know what you want to do. Any slight issue with the research on a company can stick in your mind and potentially cause FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and that is normal.

Looking at a company that only plans to build something it is very difficult to disseminate the good from the bad. So, you look at the team, you look at the planned product, you look everywhere and anywhere to find the information you need, to make your decision. Do I put my money here, or not?

With everything that is going on, in this crazy world of digital currencies, I went seeking a safe haven for my money. I wasn’t interested in pipedreams, I wasn’t interested in promises and a slick looking team that knew all the right things to say. I went looking for a company that was ready to roll, a company that was wasn’t looking for partnerships to create a product. I was looking for a company that can do the job not just sell the sizzle. In short, I went looking for a unicorn.

After a fair old time, I stumbled into a company called Invacio, The start of their campaign I saw was pretty shambolic, there was untold amounts of stinky stuff getting thrown around liberally. Across the various media in which cryptos are discussed Invacio were being torn apart with wild accusations. However, throughout the onslaught, the team of guys working on this project were steadfast with their responses, repeatedly answering the same questions in relation to their team members, their market readiness and their ability to not just deliver on time but to go the extra mile and bring ready proof that their products were market ready by way of a product launch, long before they were meant to according to their whitepaper.

Some huge claims are going on with Invacio. Since the beginning of their campaign, they have focused on remaining on their chosen path. They are looking at nothing less than government level partnerships and have already started discussions with 5 world governments. They have also secured a second presentation to the United Nations which will take place in Hong Kong this month – April 2018 – their first was by invitation in Thailand last November.

So what are they bringing to market that has caught the attention of the bigwigs?

The answer to that lies in the list of other types of ICO I outline earlier. They are coming to market with no less than 11 separate divisions that take a place in the list above.

After spending 5 years in internally funded development mode they have at, their disposal, four artificial intelligence driven fintech products (2 funds and 2 predictive services), two communications systems (1 pure communication – email, video chat & messenger – 1 social network with AI cleansed relevancy driven content), 2 AI driven market intelligence divisions (1 for commerce, industry and governance & 1 for consumers) and the final division which in my mind blows all the rest out of the water, a Fiat/Crypto hybrid banking application which merges with the AI fintech systems to underpin and support debit cards, consumer loans, interbank exchange rates and cross border transactions. All this too be rolled out over the next 3-18 months.

I may have put some of my money in a few of the other types of ICOs I listed earlier however, after watching these guys valiantly deal with all the FUD, and also researching everything about the team behind it, I have put the lion’s share of my funds into Invacio. The technology that they are bringing to market is absolutely phenomenal. I can see the name Invacio replacing the likes of Facebook and google as the number one reference point for all involved in the digital world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen far better marketing and much slicker proposals in my time in cryptocurrencies. Some companies come to ICO with everything in place, a smooth looking website, flawless marketing materials etc. These guys came to market with a pretty shoddy front of house. Their website wasn’t working, there was no awareness in the various cryptocurrency forums and they had people all over the place saying bad things about them. Ultimately, they have a product which shouldn’t need selling. The FUD continues but I believe.

Consistency in the face of adversity, and their keeping a level head when everything was going wrong has put these guys way out in front in my mind.


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