A Case Study About SMore ViMo Machine Vision Software: How It Works?

Machine vision systems have an enormous market size, and it is intelligible because the unrivaled whip hands that such technology solutions can offer can bring about magnificent modifications in digitalization and optimization of a complete manufacturing production line. Moreover, this powerful tool has the outstanding capacity to automatically manage an entire manufacturing business on an industrial scale. That’s why various industries employ this machine vision technology by operating it through efficient and user-friendly machine vision software.

Impeccable Machine Vision Software – SMore ViMo!

Possessing outstanding industrial experience of 20 years, SmartMoreInside has accumulated in-depth knowledge about machine vision software systems through experimenting with a variety of high-precision algorithm models. With all the accumulated results, SmartMoreInside has now executed all that wisdom into an intelligent industrial platform: SMore ViMo.

  • What is SMore ViMo?

SMore ViMo is short for SmartMoreInside Vision Inspection and More. As the name implies, it goes beyond the traditional machine vision software systems and their typical features. To be more exact, it is an end-to-end encrypted solution specially designed to optimize numerous industrial operations by utilizing a variety of high-precision algorithm models. The best part is that this intelligent industrial no-code platform is engineered to assist more than 1,000 industrial applications with outstanding core algorithm models for detection, edge segmentation, classification, and other productive purposes.

  • How does SMore ViMo Works?

This machine vision software relies on hardware and software algorithm integrations that work together to complete the assigned project. For instance, this essential equipment consists of various devices (industrial cameras, light sources, industrial computers, etc.) processing algorithm models to assist the process of visual inspection along with automated equipment handling to assist in different tasks.

How does SMore ViMo Serve Multiple Industries?

A myriad of different industries has rectified several obstacles that were hindering their growth and causing a lag in their smooth production flow by installing SMore ViMo machine vision software system into their production lines. Let’s take a look at the top 3 manufacturing industries and analyze their specific cases to understand SMore ViMo’s practical working mechanism:

  • Pan-Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

As the semiconductor industry’s crown jewel, wafer demands detailed specialization and intensely concentrated segmentation for contract quality manufacturing results. And since the manufacturing accuracy of the wafer can directly impact the quality of the silicon chipsets, a strong stance was required to refuse any compromise on this significant attribute of the product. A new pan-semiconductor wafer development pattern was introduced in the market, which challenges the production lines in terms of automatic, efficient, accurate, and universal features.

The industrial experts realized that the various processing stages need spot-on measurement and visual inspection tools (like machine vision software) to prevent possible defects in sophisticated technology fabrication. That’s why the market was awaiting a breakthrough from the manufacturing industry to master the art of making ultra-modern core algorithms in the high-end supply chain domain and present a flawless wafers-making process with new high-tech inventions.

The Solution

The intelligent industrial platform of SMore ViMo has patently prompt functions to undertake several subdivided scenarios and rectify all the encountered obstacles with smart tools and optimized features. Functionally, this machine vision software has guaranteed premium quality products by rectifying multiple hurdles in the production line and quality inspection procedures.

But that’s not all; this machine vision software also performs enhanced docking management with its fully systematic automation process. Furthermore, it proposes innovative applications for precise wafer appearance detection and size measurement, which allows the product circle manufacturer to realize faultless quality inspection at its peak.

In addition to that factor, this smart platform has also offered a couple of other rapid transformations to boost the value of this machine vision software for complete optimization of the industrial production line operations. For instance, its advanced defect location algorithm model enables it to identify about 12 different kinds of defects in wafer manufacturing activities.

Not only that, but it can also help the manufacturers achieve an increased detection rate of over 90%, along with its extended detection accuracy, which can reach up to 99.5%. With such incredibly built defect detection algorithms, this machine vision software can be counted as one of the most efficiently intelligent industrial platforms for production optimization in the market.

  • Commercial Electronic Wireless Charger Manufacturing

Undoubtedly, the globally celebrated wireless charging industry is making a killing, and yet it still seems to be on a continuous upswing in the coming future as well. According to the data-driven insights from a recently published report, the global wireless charging market value is expected to hit a colossal spike of over $34.65 billion by the end of 2023.

Most importantly, the consumer electronics industry of wireless charging technology is expanding its horizons by making its way into the commercialized businesses of home appliances, medical equipment, automotive and transportation, construction and manufacturing, and many others.

Although the present market is full of unlimited ideal prospects, which offers boundless doors of collaboration opportunities to the industry, the absence of adequate system automation to oversee numerous production elements makes wireless charging equipment doubtful.

Therefore, the list of the most significant issues that call for immediate attention regarding the consistent growth of wireless electronic charging devices is the need to realize optimum quality inspection rate, production rate, traditional inspection, defect detection accuracies, and similar shortcomings in the applied industrial management system.

The Solution

Considering all the aforementioned complications, the only way to prevent falling short before the required high standards of commercial electronic wireless charger manufacturing production is to adapt the power of advanced science and its effective tooling applications.

And to elevate the low speed and quality of defect detection algorithm models, this industry needs to assimilate the well-made machine vision software, SMore ViMo, into the mainstream to recover from all the detection complications in a short time.

This intelligent industrial platform of SmartMoreInside is equipped with all the essential detection algorithm functions that can uplift the real potential of wireless charging devices by eliminating the dragging and limiting factors in manufacturing procedures.

To do so, SmartMoreInside’s machine vision software system has also provided all-inclusive appearance inspection features to the SMore ViMo technology users concurrently. This software offers features like battery pack scratch defect detection, defect detection of charging coil film, nano-crystalline defect detection of charging coil, and so on.

  • Drawing Digitalization

The identification and interpretation of digitally drawn designs strongly impact the R&D, procurement, and production of the final product. However, the problem arises when this part of the process creates myriad complexities over the condition of failing to meet some mandatory digital design regulations. Now, it could be the different digital design drawing standards, traditional reading ways of manual drawings, close similarities between digitally drawn parts, etc.

The Solution

Having up-to-date image recognition and other algorithm integrations, the SMore ViMo machine vision software has created a one-step smart identification solution to efficaciously assist the entire process of digital drawing. The combination of four remarkable core algorithm models, which include visual inspection, segmentation, OCR, and multi-classification, highly upgrade the reading efficiency and accuracy of the digital drawing piece.

Top Advantages of SMore ViMo Machine Vision Software

Undeniably, there is an abundance of upper hands that SMore ViMo machine vision software has to offer its local and overseas customer base across the globe. This software platform has enabled many different businesses to focus on improving their quality. At the same time, this machine vision software system takes care of all the excessive production quantitative activities, which can be done smartly with automation and optimization in one go.

Knowing that an intelligent industrial platform like SMore ViMo has the capacity and capability to overcome a multitude of unrests and undisputed problems among a variety of different manufacturing industries, the machine vision software companies like SmartMoreInside consistently keep a constant flow of frequent investments regarding developing this masterpiece of intelligent machine vision software.

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