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A Business Entrepreneurs’ No-Nonsense Guide to Co-browsing


Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban once stated that successful entrepreneurs constantly make sure that they are never outworked by anyone.

That cannot be truer when it comes to utilizing Co-browsing to boost your brands quality and customer satisfaction. You need to understand all there is to it in order to beat your competitors.

What’s more? A recent study carried out by the Aberdeen Group showed a massive 10% gap in relation to customer satisfaction and overall profit between brands that embrace Co-browsing and businesses that don’t.

That’s pretty an amazing right? By simply introducing co-browsing to customer support, you can see a massive leap in profit and client satisfaction.

Before we go into the details of how co-browsing would effectively benefit your business and how to efficiently use it.

Let’s find out what exactly it is and why it’s a vital necessity for all businesses in the digital age.

What is Co-browsing?  

Co-browsing allows a customer support agent to able to see the screen of a complaining customer and also guide the client on the screen with his/her mouse without having to make any downloads.

It can be done in an instant. Once a client has an issue and complains to support co-browsing allows the support agent to see the screen of the client and interact with it.

However, keep in mind that co-browsing isn’t like traditional screen sharing which requires downloads to use but this is immediate.

So, basically, co-browsing allows 2 or more individuals to browse simultaneously on a web page.

What it provides support agents is just mind-blowing. Co-browsing permits you to do some of the following:

1. See your customer’s screen in an instant:


2. Circle a button or icon, in order to show the customer where to take action: 

3. Permits you to take action on your customer’s screen: 

These are just a bit of the abilities co-browsing offers support agents. So, when your support agent is interacting with clients based on questions. or complaints, support agents can engage the customer in conversations whole they actively display to the customer what to do.

To elaborate some more on how powerful it is, research has shown that humans retain visuals 60,000 times more than written text. Hence, offering support through visual guidance will do a whole lot more to improve customer satisfaction than simply writing out a procedure.

Why Co-browsing is Needed for Customer Satisfaction 

According to a survey, done by Forrester, 30% of customers naturally, expect a business website to offer live support.

So, simply put, you’ll leave 30% of your customers dissatisfied by ignoring co-browsing.

What’s more? Co-browsing ensures that even the most non-tech web user can easily get challenging problems fixed without the burden of having to explain over and over again because supports don’t understand what’s being said.

Note: Co-browsing could weigh down the server and slow down your computer or mobile phone.

That’s why you need to use the right software that’s lightweight, convenient, and designed with the end-user (i.e., you) in mind.

Two of my favorite co-browsing software are Acquire cobrowse software and Bold360. Or you can find free co-browsing software here. Acquire’s platform shows both the Agent’s screen and the Customer’s screen.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is, trying to explain a serious problem to the support agent and he/ she responds in a clueless way to the pressing question.

However, with co-browsing, that’s a thing of the past, because the support agent can see the screen of the user and fix the problem.

Top Co-browsing Solutions 

Co-browsing solutions are grouped based on various metrics such as how a session is started, it’s integration capabilities, it’s desired and how it is installed.

Examples of some of these solutions are Glance, Firefly, Unblu, and Salemove.  Now, one of the most common and effective solutions to utilizing co-browsing is through the live chat.

Basically, it’s become commonplace for a customer or user to require assistance on a challenging situation and the support agent simply clicks the screen share co-browsing link and in an instant sees the screen of the customer or client.

Some of the most common tools for live chats include Acquire, Intercom, and Zendesk.

How to Integrate Co-browsing Solutions

In order to integrate co-browsing solutions to your live chat tool on your website, all you need to do is copy and paste the entire co-browsing code into the page having your live chat code.

This will result in the screen-share link appearing in the live chat panel when a customer is asking for support due to a challenge.

How Does Co-browsing Work?

Co-browsing makes it possible for support agents and customers to be on the same page.

An accurate visual representation of the view of the website from the customer’s system is sent to the agent through Co-browsing and both the agent and the customer can view real-time any changes that are made.

Co-browsing can be combined with Live chat; this enables the agent and the customer to be in touch while they are navigating the website together despite not being in the same location.

When Co-browsing, the agent can help the customer to fill out forms, overlay documents, etc.

However, the agent does not have access to all the pages on the computer of the customer, he only has access to the pages that are enabled by the co-browse script.

It has a data masking feature which protects sensitive information with form fields or HTML elements.

To initiate co-browsing as already stated, all that needs to be done is to paste a few lines of JavaScript on the desired website.

There is no need for downloading or installation from both parties and this eliminates the risks of being exposed to malware threats.

How Co-browsing boosts Customers Engagement 

1. Co-browsing ensures the Protection of the Privacy of the Client 

Despite the fact that the agent has access to the computer of the client when Co-browsing, private documents of the client are still protected.

This is important as studies have shown that web users are constantly seeking privacy when surfing the web.

Hence, in line with this, the agent can only see the browser screen, he can’t access other parts of the screen that may contain private or confidential information.

This protection of the privacy of the customer makes him /her feel more relaxed communicating and engaging with you on the web because of the assurance that their privacy with being compromised.

2. Co-browsing is User-friendly and Makes it Easy for Customers to Interact With You 

Co-browsing is very simple to use, the customers do not need to download an application to be able to use it. All that is needed is a browser.

This makes it easy for the customer to get in touch with the agent whenever a problem arises.

It is also stress-free because instead of telling the customers what to do online, you can help them do it while they watch. The fact that everything happens real time makes actions and steps convenient for the customer.

3. Co-browsing Enhances Customer Loyalty 

Co-browsing is one of the fastest ways you can boost customer satisfaction in your brand. If a customer is satisfied with your service, he will definitely become loyal to your brand.

Co-browsing makes it easy for you to quickly meet the needs of your customer and resolve their problems and by so doing you can easily win their heart and earn their loyalty.

4. Co-browsing Facilities Speedy Customer Care Service

Since there is no need for any of the parties to download software, the needs of the costumes can be met speedily without any delay. Speedy response to the needs of customers will endear them to your brand.

5. Co-browsing Makes Shopping Online Very Easy for the Customer

The shopping experience of customers is improved through Co-browsing, if a customer has issues filling out an online order, an agent can easily put him through, and this will reduce the rate of cart abandonment in online shopping.

Benefits of Co-browsing to Your Business 

1. Support Accuracy is Improved Through Co-browsing

The support agent can see what the exact problem is and identify where the problem is coming from and then the agent will be able to resolve its accuracy, this will boost the trust the customer has for the company.

2. It Increases Conversions Rate

The fact that the agent can guide the customers through stages of the purchase will enable the customer to go through with the purchase and this will increase the revenue of the company.

3. Customer Satisfaction 

Co-browsing enables companies to meet the needs of their customers very fast and this will prevent the customers from leaving the company to another one.

4. Call handling Time is Greatly Reduced When Co-browsing

Co-browsing increases the efficiency of the agent and cuts down on support cost for the company. Instead of making long calls and explaining every step to the customer, the agent can show the customer how it is done.

5. Enhances Self-servicing

Co-browsing enables the customer to adopt self-service tools in the long run. By the time the customer co-browses with the agent for a while, he will know how to operate self-service tools.

6. Ensures Customer Retention 

Co-browsing reduces the risk of losing customers and increases the number of returning customers. The fact that their needs Can be met on time, and they have great user experience, makes them loyal to the company.


Co-browsing is a vital necessity in ensuring your business offers satisfactory support to customers. This is due to its visual and collaborative method.

Not only does it ensure that your customers leave with their inquiries completely answered.

But it also clearly shows them how to carry it out, eliminating repetitive challenges due to poor explanations.

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