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A brief review of the top self-defense keychains on the market

With so many options available in the market it becomes hectic to select the self-defense keychain that is perfect for you! Therefore, a brief review can help your buying decision effectively.

Looking for the self-defense keychain which helps you whenever you are confronted by an attacker on the streets? You need a sharp, precise, and convenient self-defense keychain that gets the job done.

Every self-defense keychain has a different use, so it is important to have basic self defense training to handle these tools. Most of the keychains have similar properties like compactness, portability, and convenience. However, what is their distinctive feature? That is exactly what we will be diving in to find out.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the top-grossing self-defense keychains in the market. With this detailed review, you will be able to make an informed decision about the safety tool that you need.

  1. Pen keychain:

The best aspect of a pen keychain is that it is a disguised keychain tool that the attacker cannot guess. From his perspective, it only appears that you are holding a pen in your hand that won’t inflict any severe damage. In this way, you can deceive your attacker with the keychain.

Keep in mind that one side of this tactical keychain is super sharp and can inflict serious cuts on the body. The keychain pen is generally made from durable aluminum material. It can be used to effectively fight an intruder.

Just make sure, that you don’t hurt yourself while using the pointed sharp end of the pen. 

  1. Safety alarm keychain:

Due to the legal status of keychains differing in some states of the country a safety alarm keychain is a safe option. Almost every state allows a citizen to carry safety keychain alarms for self-protection.

What a safety alarm keychain does is that it allows you to surprise your attacker. When you press the keychain loud alarm sounds rung all around you. Your attacker is not expecting this to happen and he gets shocked.

In the first instinct, he prefers to run away rather than engage in combat with you. In this way, the safety alarm keychain is perfect for women, kids, and older people. They can effectively deal with intruders.

  1. Lipstick pepper spray:

You may have heard about pepper sprays, but have you ever heard about lipstick pepper spray? These are disguised pepper sprays that come in tiny lipstick bottles. An attacker will get temporary vision loss which will provide you an opportunity to call for help.

The pepper spray can easily be attached with a key ring that makes it super convenient. Using lipstick pepper spray is preferable for single women going to work.

  1. Knuckle keychains

A knuckle keychain is most effective if you want to combat an intruder. It is useful if you can use it fast and precisely. By attaching the knuckles to the keychain you can hold it in your fingers to attack the robber.

Make sure, that you have some self-defense training to avoid any risks of injuries. A knuckle keychain is a lethal self-defense tool that can inflict injuries on your attacker. If you feel that this is the way to deal with intruders choose it with your eyes closed.

  1. Taser pulse keychains:

A small, portable, and lightweight safety keychain that can be used to fight an intruder. A stun gun does exactly what the name suggests. The electric taser stuns your attacker and he might lose consciousness temporarily.

A taser pulse keychain is a good option for everyone as it can give you plenty of options. You can run away from the attacker. Moreover, you can also call the bystanders who will come for help.

  1. Knife keychain:

If you are looking for a knife keychain then you should be looking for a good quality one. Because when the intruder will come at you, you need to effectively combat him quickly. A sharp knife that is small and portable should be what you need to grab.

The knife keychain is effective in causing injuries to your intruder quickly. It is a small knife that is disguised in a way that your attacker has no idea about it. You can cause cuts on your attacker that will cause him to fend away quickly. So, it is a good choice to go for a knife keychain if you have prior self-defense training.

Some last words:

We hope that our informative article will be able to shed some light on the key points to be kept in mind while buying a safety keychain. At the end of the day, it is your personal preference and we hope that you are safe and sound wherever you are.

If you have any queries about this article, feel free to reach out.

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