A Brief Review About Select Auto Protect

Select auto protect is basically Wilmington Delaware-based warranty service provider. It has not been a very long time when the company started its work. It was founded in 2020 and until now it has a 4.3 rating out of 5.0 on Trustpilot 4.6 Auto 5.0 on Google but doesn’t have a rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) yet mostly the reviews on select auto-protect are positive and positive points are affordability, quality, transparent auto warranty plans, customer service. 

The company offers you a lot of services some of them are these: 30 days money-back guarantee, unlimited service calls, additional perks such as roadside assistance, towing, gas refill service, lockout assistance, trip interruption coverage, rental car etc. And own production guarantee.

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What is a protection guarantee by select auto-protect?

The company offers its own protection guarantee which means if you damage any covered part of your vehicle and it cannot be repaired then the provider will replace it for you and no extra charges will be conducted.

How much does the extended warranty of select auto-protect cost?

The charges depend upon a variety of factors such as location, model of vehicle, vehicle year, mileage, choosing coverage level, deductible amount, etc. As an estimated it can range from $1300 to $1900 but due to price match guarantee you are more likely to get a discount on extended warranty and that can be from $1000 to $3000 with more comprehensive plans the price will increase accordingly.

About Extended warranty coverage plans from select auto-protect

There are standard Vehicle service contracts to get the company’s services and those are three years per 36,000 miles and five years per 70,000 miles and the company will charge $100 for any sort of repair for the vehicle. 

When filing the claim you can take your vehicle to any mechanic or mechanic shop, repair shop, dealer certified and registered by the National Institute of automobiles services Excellence. Three plans are offered by the company select platinum, select golden, select silver

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Select platinum plan

The plan covers a full fuel system, powertrain parts, turbo/ supercharger, air conditioning system, heating system The comprehensive level of coverage and bumper to bumper comparable warranty.

 Select silver plan

It covers the electrical system, breaks system, transmission, cooling system, drive axle, engine transmission. As compared to powertrain Warranty it is the very basic level.

Select gold plan

This plan also offers complimentary lockout assistance. Moreover, it offers the coverage Car steering system and also covers everything from the select silver plan.


On each side, there are about 20 customer reviews. It is not easy to conclude from such a limited sized sample but present and current data show a good representation of the company. So we will rate 4.0 stars out of 5.0. Another fact we concluded is that the company is best for used and old cars because it offers a plan for defective or damaged components of any cars doesn’t matter the mileage and age of the vehicle.

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