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A Brief History of the Mother of the Groom Dress

The mother of the groom dress is a timeless piece of fashion that has evolved over time. From the days when it was an afterthought to today, where it is becoming increasingly popular for mothers to wear stylish and unique gowns on their son’s wedding day. Though not as widely discussed as the bridesmaids dresses or even the bride’s own gown, it is important to know about the history of the mother of the groom dress and how its style has changed.

The Origins of Mother-of-the-Groom Dresses

Traditionally, mothers wore full-length evening gowns in a muted color on their son’s wedding day. Colors such as gray, navy blue, black and even green were popular choices for this formal look. In addition to being reserved and conservative in terms of color selection, these dresses usually featured long sleeves and a high neckline with minimal embellishments or adornments. This look was intended to be understated and demure while allowing attention to be focused on other aspects of the wedding celebration.

Modernization of Mother-of-the-Groom Dresses

Today, however, mothers are often encouraged to express their own personalities through their clothing choices on their son’s big day. As such, mother of the groom dresses have taken on many different styles over recent years. These modernized looks feature brighter colors such as pastels, bold florals or even bright jewel tones like sapphire blue or emerald green. Often times these new age mothers dresses also feature shorter hemlines which can be seen in everything from floor length maxi dresses to more modest tea length skirts. Detailing such as intricate embroidery or lace accents can also be incorporated into many contemporary designs for an added touch of sophistication without overdoing it.

The Role Of The Groom’s Mother

In addition to choosing a stylish look for her special occasion attire, mothers are often expected to participate in certain wedding related activities prior to and during the ceremony itself. These tasks may include helping out with any last minute errands before the event begins; greeting guests upon arrival; assisting with seating arrangements; standing up with her son during photos; offering words of wisdom during prenuptial conversations; providing emotional support throughout; and lastly giving one final blessing at the reception before she departs for home after a long but rewarding day! All these duties require poise, grace and strength – qualities that no amount of fashion can ever truly substitute for!

With so many variables involved in selecting a mother-of-the groom dress – from mother of the groom dresses plus size to petite, traditional styling options all the way through modern trends – there is something perfect out there for every mom who wants to look just right on her son’s special day! Whether you go with something classic or decide to take a fashion risk by embracing current trends, making sure your outfit conveys your personality while still showing respect is key when selecting your petite or plus size mother of the groom dresses! So go ahead – show off those fashionable finds while you share in this once in lifetime moment alongside your beloved son!

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