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A Brief Guide to Winning a Photography Competition

Photo competitions have gained phenomenal popularity during the past few years because smartphone cameras have become more advanced and efficient. Moreover, we have witnessed the beginning of the selfie era. The online landscape has been transformed dramatically. The growth of and boost in mobile web traffic has been a game-changer. It has made responsive photo competitions a necessity. According to experts in Forbes, we have witnessed big brands reaching out for engaging effectively with consumers via competition. Participating in competitions is a great way of excelling in what you do. Photo competitions are an excellent way of improving your photography skills. Even though photography is often pursued as a hobby for fun, you can still consider raising the bar by participating in contests.

Photography contests range from friendly online assignments or projects to local contests in photography clubs to highly-acclaimed international photography contests participated by professional photographers. Here are some tips from experts on ways to win a photography competition.

Stick Firmly to the Rules

Even though it can be exasperating to go through the terms and conditions of a photo contest you wish to enter, it is wise to devote some time to reading carefully. You should read and understand the rules before entering the contest. Once you have understood the terms and conditions and decided to participate in the competition, you should stick to the rules. Always read and follow the contest rules carefully and religiously. There are two chief reasons for doing so.

  • You may understand how the photos will be used. Each contest will be using the pictures submitted by the participants in different ways. It is of pivotal importance to understand the implications.
  • Reading the rules means the difference between losing and winning the contest. Often several fascinating entries are rejected because of incorrect submission. You should meticulously examine all the terms and conditions of the competition. It is critical to have a crystal clear idea of the number of photos to be submitted, the deadlines to meet, and the specific format to follow.

It is best to follow the guidelines to the dot.

Follow the Theme of the Contest

You should always focus on the theme of the photo competition. Your photos should relate to the given theme in question. Even though there is some scope for interpretation of the given theme and creativity, there are certain limitations or restrictions. Judges will allow a photo only if it relates to the nominated theme of your photo competition.

Do Ample Research

Meticulous research online and logical thinking go a long way in boosting your chances of fulfilling your dream of winning the photo competition. Check out last year’s winners if the contest is an annual event. You should never copy the winning photos, but you can always draw inspiration from them. You can surely get some hints from the kind of photos that win. If you know the names of the judges in advance, it pays to learn about the unique style of their work and what kind of photo they prefer and appreciate.

Technical Excellence Is the Key

You should always strive for technical excellence. Never settle for mediocre outcomes. Your picture should be perfectly exposed, brilliantly focused, and composed perfectly. You should put your best foot forward. Always use your best photo.


If you have won the contest, stay motivated and build on this victory. If you failed to win the competition, learn from your mistakes. The lessons of each experience help you to improve your skills, and boost your dedication or tenacity to aim for higher goals.

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