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A Beginners Guide on the TimeCard Calculator


If you are a company owner, you must have felt the burden of keeping up with the employee’s performance. What if I tell you a secret to fully automate your employee register using an app? Yes, it’s possible by using a TimeCard Calculator

It is primarily an online spreadsheet that stores the employee work data such as the number of working hours, off days, gross pay, etc. You can also store multiple employee data and view it whenever required.

So, if you want to simplify employee paydays and work hours to generate better revenue for your company, read right ahead! 

What is a TimeCard Calculator?

A timecard calculator is your personal manager for the employee’s information. In most companies, employees get paid hourly, which is where a timecard calculator comes in handy. 

Using the tool, you can calculate the per-day working hours of an employee. Besides, you can also generate their weekly, monthly, and yearly pay. It can also track the break and work periods during the day.

Keeping a manual track of employees throughout the day can get tedious and overwhelming for managers. Hence, most companies and businesses are moving towards automating their employee files and data. A timecard calculator is an excellent tool for tracking and saving employee data.

You can also generate a profile for each employee; this tool will calculate the employee’s total work hours and the day-to-day data of their activities. All you have to do is manually enter the work shift timings, and voila! It’ll generate the total number of hours worked. 

Plus, it automatically deducts breaks from employees’ working hours and manages the gross pay according to the holiday and work ratio.

Now, as you are clear about the introduction of the timecard calculator, let’s move towards its useability!  

How to Use a TimeCard Calculator?

Using a TimeCard calculator is not a complex or challenging task. It is an online tool/app that anyone can easily access using web browsers. So, if you are a beginner and want to learn how to use the tool effectively, you are in the right place.

Mentioned below are the steps to using the time card calculator:

Open the TimeCard Calculator on your web and start putting in employee information

  • First, add the employee’s personal information such as name, designation, etc
  • Add the current date as well (it’s optional)
  • Then, add that employee’s weekly time stamps and working hours (e.g., between 9 am to 5 pm, etc.)
  • You can also select weekly updates or bi-weekly updates to generate results
  • Additionally, you can also choose the days of the week the employee comes to work (e.g., five days or full seven days)
  • You have to then enter the per-hour pay rate of your employee and overtime hours (if any)
  • The timecard calculator will then calculate the pay, overtime pay, etc., and generate the results
  • You can also save and print the results as a PDF.
  • Once the employee profile is completed, you can then save it and automate the process of calculating work hours and pay
  • You can also enter data of multiple employees and save it from automating the data entry process fully

Perks of using a TimeCard Calculator

Until now, you must have realized how a timecard calculator can help managers and companies automate employee data sheets and roll out their pay timely. 

But, if you’re still skeptical about using this tool, look below at the perks and benefits of incorporating it into our office.

  • It calculates exact payrolls as it does not suffer from human error or mistakes’
  • It is more reliable than a manual payroll register that can easily be misplaced or lost.
  • It notes down absentees and overtime workers without missing some days/hours.
  • It saves the company time and money that would have been spent on hiring a new HR employee to look after the old employee’s data.
  • You can fetch the stored data any time, anywhere, without delays and excuses.  

So, if you’re convinced about the benefits of this handy little tool, below are some of the best ones available in the market.

The Best TimeCard Calculators  

If you’ve decided to invest in a Timecard calculator finally, here is the list of some of the reliable ones you can use for your company: 

  • Hubstaff’s free time tracking software
  • Free Timesheet app by Workfolio
  • Boomr- Free timesheet calculator
  • On the Clock- Free Time Card Calculator
  • The Geek timesheet calculator


By now, you must have absorbed a thing or two about this new software in the business world. Your employee-related tasks will undoubtedly get more accessible and faster once you start using them as an employee data card.

And the best part? You can also install a mobile app for the Time Card Calculator to keep the worker’s online profile within your reach.

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