9DNFT Set For an Explosive Launch in December 


9D NFT has just been featured on Bitcoinist (a leading cryptocurrency news website) in an article highlighting 9D NFT’s game design and features. 

This level of recognition is a huge achievement that validates the skill and expertise the team has poured into the 9D NFT’s massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). 

As 9D NFT launches its MMORPG game in the coming month of December, the public recognition of 9D NFT’s in-game economy couldn’t have arrived at a better time. 9D NFT is set to be a first-of-its-kind full-featured NFT and crypto gaming platform that will give the gaming community a true play to earn experience in the metaverse.

What is 9DNFT?

9D NFT is a role-playing game with a massively multiplayer online game design similar to what you will find on popular mainstream games such as Fortnite. However, unlike popular mainstream MMORPG games, 9DNFT is fully integrated with non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrencies bring the concept of play-to-earn to the fore.

Even though NFTs have blown up in terms of popularity among a mainstream audience, most gaming platforms only lightly utilize cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 9D NFT, however, is a first of its kind 3D martial art, metaverse type game built with a tokenomics and NFT model set to introduce play-to-earn in a revolutionary way. 

Players in the game will be able to interact with the platform’s 3D environment as well as with their peers in the game to create characters that fight monsters or participate in peer-to-peer combat for rewards. The main goal is to level up your character and gain more rewards while collecting valuable in-game items to improve the combat power of your character. 

The game comes with several in-game resources, including Coin, COD, and COGI (Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure). Coin is an in-game currency used to upgrade skills, buy new equipment, upgrade Rinne, buy HP and MP. COD is a token that can be earned in the game and is also used for in-game activities such as exchanging items to upgrade equipment, upgrade characters or skills, and help characters become stronger. The COGI token is a governance token that is also used to buy and sell NFTs on the platform’s marketplace, participate in tournaments and play other games in the COGIVERSE universe set to be developed in the future. 

NFT-based resources in the game include items such as Companion Cards, Equipment (some of which can be converted into NFT items), and Mount, which equips a character with various attributes. Players in the game who win combat sessions against monsters or other players collect COGI and COD tokens as well as a variety of NFT items in the game.

9D NFT’s Gaming Mechanism

Built with a PC, Android, and iOS integration, 9D NFT is enabled by Ethereum’s ERC 721and 712 NFT standards and has launched COGI smart contract tokens on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) using an ERC20 bridge. Apart from Ethereum’s network, 9D NFT is also launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

The entire game is centered around Southeast Asia lore, and mythology and players can embark on a journey to explore the dangerous new lands on solo monster-hunting adventures or Guild activities in teams. Other types of competitions and tournaments are also built into the game. 

All in all, the COGI (Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure) token will be the driving engine of 9D NFT’s in-game economics. With a fixed supply, COGI will facilitate a crypto-based gaming platform for the Southeast Asia community of gamers. Players will be able to earn COGI tokens from activities in the game, convert in-game assets into NFTs using COGI on the marketplace, stake their COGI tokens to receive rewards, or vote in the game’s governance structure and still earn rewards. 

COD tokens (Crypto of Dragons) on the other hand are designed as inflationary tokens that match the growth of 9D NFT’s in-game economy. COD tokens provide a solid monetary base for the game’s economic interactions and are used to create liquidity and an exchange system for gamers.

Even now, the race towards becoming the top guild is heating up, with several Guilds in the game contesting for the weekly top price of 3,999USD on 9D NFT’s beta platform. What’s more, on December 16th, 9D NFT plans to have a pre-launch of its platform where players will have the opportunity to experience 9D NFT’s special features and experience the game on iOS and Android devices. This event will be a precursor to the official launch and is set to be a solid foundation for the project.

Conclusion: What’s to Come on 9D NFT

At the moment, 9D NFT has closed its beta testing period and is preparing for the huge launch of its platform this December as stated above. Already, 9D NFT has received a great deal of support from investors and partners such as BSCStation, AVA Capital, ExNetwork Capital, ZBS CAPITAL, and TokenSuite to mention a few. With the launch of its IDO on BSCStation, 9D NFT has so far raised $2.9 million in funding and looks forward to launching a marketplace auction system as well as an update on its gameplay content in the first quarter of 2022.


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