9 Time-Saving Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs


Launching a new venture can take up every minute of your waking moment (if you’re getting any sleep at all). When every minute is so critical, you cannot afford to let anything slow you down. 

Are you struggling with focus or productivity? Are non-business-related tasks distracting you? Thankfully, there is an app for everything. 

Here are some apps that will get you back on track and ensure better time management. Take a look. 

1) Clear & Organized To-Do Lists

Along with your business, you also have to take care of chores and personal commitments. Any.do is just the app you need. The app is useful for creating to-do lists in an organized way. You can easily share lists with others and also use voice to enter tasks on the go. 

2) Hassle-Free Meeting Notes 

It’s imperative to note down important ideas and details shared in a meeting. Why hire a scribe or write down notes when you have a smartphone? Otter is a brilliant transcription app for real-time voice note-taking. The transcripts have proper timestamps, punctuation, and speaker ID for easy comprehension.

3) Easily Manage Traffic Tickets 

Being an entrepreneur often involves rushing from one place to another to attend meetings. And at times, you may end up unintentionally breaking a traffic law by speeding or parking in the wrong spot. WinIt is a traffic ticket app that makes it possible to manage and fight tickets on your smartphone. 

4) Expertly Prepare for Meetings

Politicians and other influential people often have assistants by their side who will quickly give them a few pointers about an approaching guest. This is a way to make guests feel like politicians actually know and remember them. And this trick is something that can be immensely useful in the business world. 

Accompany is an app that will search your email, social media account, and online to find essential information about each person attending the meeting. 

5) Manage Various Passwords

From social media to emails, nearly everything online needs a password. Do you often struggle to remember passwords? Recording passwords in your iPhone’s notes app is a bad idea. Instead, use the app LastPass, which allows you to keep all your passwords in one place securely. The app or browser extension also automatically fills in login details and passwords to save time. 

6) Keep Track of Business Contacts

Networking is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you find it difficult to keep track of various business contacts, Cloze is the app for you. This app is useful for syncing contact details from emails and social networks. 

7) Seamless Collaboration

If you head a team, it’s crucial to have a platform that ensures seamless communication and collaboration. Slack is an instant messaging app designed for direct and group messaging. Using this app, you can also archive communications and access them later. 

8) Save Links for Later

Coming across an intriguing post or article can be a productivity killer. Focus on the task at hand and save the article for later with the help of Pocket. This app saves articles, posts, videos, and pictures for later viewing. You can access saved content from your laptop, phone, or tablet. 

9) Go-To Cloud Storage

Cloud storage enables you to have instant access to any files, documents, or data. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage apps. With this app, you can also download files for offline access. 

Wrapping Up

Smartphones are notorious for being distracting and time-consuming. But you can put your smartphone to good use by downloading the apps mentioned above. Hopefully, these apps will help you with better organization, time management, communication, and collaboration.

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