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9 Things You Should Know About Residential Demolition


When there are more members in our family, the house seems to lack space to accommodate all their needs. Especially in the post covid era, when work and schooling are primarily from home, everybody requires a separate area to function better. Therefore the need to expand the current living space becomes imperative. In most cases, homeowners opt for partial or complete demolition to have ample room to design and construct a new home that meets everyone’s needs.

If house demolition is in your mind, too, this article will help you make the necessary preparations to make the process stress-free. Here are a few things to consider before opting for demolition-

Residential Demolition Requires Various Permits From Civic Authorities

The civic body of the respective area must know about the demolition and provide the necessary permits. Only then can one move forward with the decision. First, the council will scan the property to ensure it’s not of historical or cultural importance. They will issue the consent form if they find that your house doesn’t portray any heritage.

You will also require an asset protection form to ensure that the council property, such as footpath, kerb, trees, etc., do not damage during the demolition. If trees are on the property and it becomes mandatory to remove them, you will also need to get a tree removal permit from the local council.

Another crucial aspect of demolition is the presence of asbestos. We already know that asbestos can be a major health hazard and requires professionals to remove it. If you suspect asbestos on the property, you will need asbestos removalists and the council’s permission to remove it safely.

House Inspection Is Mandatory to Get Permits

Sometimes the local council requires a home inspection before issuing the demolition permits. It is mainly if the house is old, where lead or asbestos may be present. You will require demolition contractors in Melbourne and licensed asbestos removalists to inspect the home and procure demolition permits.

Only the Best Demolition Contractor Can Ace the Job

Demolition is a messy affair that can harm the surrounding people and property. Even if you have a small house, demolishing it can be risky if performed by an inexperienced team. More than the actual process, demolition requires preparedness to avoid contingency. Therefore always seek the help of residential and commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne who have sufficient experience, proper license and insurance to cover the damages.

Demolition Contractors Use Multiple Techniques

There are numerous techniques to demolish a property. The demolition contractors may opt for a manual or mechanical approach depending on the size and structure of your house.

If you assign a well-experienced, trustable residential and commercial demolition contractor in Melbourne, they can inform you of the best way to demolish the house. They can also tell you about green demolition or deconstruction, wherein the contractors look forward to using as many things as possible from the property and then dismantling it.

Disconnecting All Utilities Before Domestic Demolition Is Mandatory

It’s crucial to disconnect all the utilities before undertaking any residential demolition. One must connect with the service providers to disconnect and abolish the following services before the demolition-

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Telephone
  • Foxtel
  • NBN (National Broadband Network)
  • Electricity

Demolition may require a water supply, so discuss with your demolition contractor before abolishing the service.

Inform the Neighbours

Demolition can be irritating to the neighbours. There will be noise and dust flying around in the atmosphere that they will have to bear for no fault. So, it’s the homeowners’ responsibility to inform the neighbours about this before the procedure. It will help them prepare and lessen their discomfort.

Contingency Plan Can Save You From Losses

Demolition is a risky business that may cause severe losses without proper planning. All the budgeting can go haywire without a contingency plan. For example, if you thought of using the septic system for reconstruction, it must be functional. However, it may reveal that the older pipes are now unusable due to rust. In such a situation, one must have a plan B so there are no shocks during the process.

Recycling and Reusing Will Help Save

If you work with a competent team of residential and commercial contractors in Melbourne, you will see that they mainly opt for green demolition. It means that they have a thorough scan of the property and safely remove all the reusable products before dismantling the building. It shall help to save money when reconstructing. Also, the team will offer recycling services, so you don’t have to worry about dumping the remnants. Instead, you’ll be happy that each element will have better usage than adding to the landfills.

Find a Temporary Space to Live

Demolition is not the most pleasing sight. There will be noise and an unbearable amount of dust on the site. Therefore even if you plan to opt for partial demolition, move out of the place for the time being. It will ensure that you and your family are in a safe space and not inhaling the dust that can be a health hazard.

Concluding Words

Domestic demolition is a complicated affair. However, partnering with a licensed residential and commercial contractor in Melbourne can help you accomplish the process stress-free.

The Mehri Group offers 20 years of expertise as an accomplished demolition contractor in Melbourne to provide you with a stress-free experience. We are a VBA and EPA-registered company with a Worksafe Victoria Class B license as asbestos removalists. At Mehri Group, we care for the environment and are committed to recycling and salvaging materials. With us, you can be worry-free about your residential or commercial demolition.



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