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9 Smart Money-Saving Life Hacks Everyone Should Follow 

Who doesn’t want to increase their account balance by saving some bucks? With the harsh economic times, everyone is looking forward to buying affordable and quality products just to save some money for a better lifestyle. This is why promo packages like the Farmgirl Flowers discount code are very useful these days.

In most cases, we spend our money on items that we don’t need or can do without, and before we know it, we are running low on cash.

Well, you don’t need to be a genius to learn some money-saving hacks. In this article, I share some eight proven tips that you can employ to keep money in your bottom line, especially if you like shopping online.

1) Buy Car Insurance Policies From Companies Offering Insurance Discounts 

Before buying car insurance, shop around to find one with favorable terms. Many insurance companies are willing to provide you insurance discounts

Search extensively and dig around for different car insurance policies that companies are offering. Some insurance companies offer automatic discounts to federal employees and military members. 

However, if you are not a military member or a federal employee, you can apply the following tips to reduce your insurance costs:

  • Complete your driving course, and have a valid driving license. This makes you qualify for premium insurance reductions.
  • If you need more than one insurance cover, then buy from one company to qualify for a multi-line discount.
  • Go for insurance premiums with high deductibles to reduce the amount you pay out of pocket.
  • Find out how much your car is worth before buying an insurance policy. Older cars don’t need more expensive insurance premiums because they tend to cover low mileage per year.
  • Reduce your car mileage per year to qualify for low mile insurance premiums.

2) Clear Your Browsing History Before Shopping Online 

Your browsing history tells a lot to online stores. An online store can find out about the sites you visit and predict your lifestyle. Ecommerce platforms use your web browsing history to custom online experience for every customer. 

If you don’t clear your online history before visiting an online shop, you are likely to buy at inflated prices.  

When paying for your order online, use the guest option. Most online stores tend to offer relatively low prices for new customers shopping with them.

3) Shop At Grocery Stores And Retail Stores Offering Discounts 

Some online retail stores and groceries such as Mercato offer discounts to their new and existing customers. All you have to do is search around until you get a store that offers the best price and value for the products you need. 

Amazingly, some online stores will give you a discount of up to 20% for a first time purchase. 

It is needless to cling on one grocery store when there are plenty of stores online offering low-priced products. Most online retailers may not provide a sales discount but will ship your merchandise for free, saving you on time and money you would have spent to pick the products. 

Also, when you are buying in bulk, ensure the retailer is offering a sales discount on bulk purchases.

4) Make Use Of Online Coupon Sites 

A coupon is an electronic graphic that is redeemable when you are buying a product or service. It helps you to escape the extortionist prices that retailers set for products on their shelves.

Before you shop anywhere, you must search around for a coupon from legitimate sites like Groupon that you can redeem and buy the product at a lower price.

Also, you can make use of free coupons from newspapers. Here are some tips to improve your chances of getting free coupons for your shopping:

  • Ask your friends to help you with some of their pending coupons inserts.
  • All local libraries receive newspapers every day, and you can visit them and ask for coupon inserts.
  • Befriend a newspaper vendor. They can give you some leftover newspapers and help you get coupon inserts.
  • Search for online printable coupons. Some online stores will accept printable coupons and help you save some bucks when you shop with them.

When subscribing to online software, you should shop through affiliate marketing platforms that give a discount coupon. Use the coupon codes that such sites provide and subscribe to online tools at a relatively low price.

5) Avoid Impulse Buying 

Impulse buying is buying without a plan to do so. When buying without a plan, you are likely to spend more than you should and end up in financial problems.

Retail stores are aware that most consumers go shopping without a shopping list, and therefore they can easily fall prey to impulse buying. 

Supermarkets, for instance, will arrange products nicely on shelves to entice you into buying.

Here are some tips to help you avoid impulse buying:

  • Take some time to look at your shopping cart before paying for the shopping. You will realize that some items on the cart are not that important.
  • Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Shopping when hungry impairs your judgment, especially when you are buying foodstuff.
  • Prepare a shopping list before you enter any store. Be sure you don’t buy anything not on the shopping list unless it is an essential item you forgot to include.
  • Always check the price tags on the items before you put them on the cart.

6) Switch Off The Lights When Going Outdoors 

Energy bills may be eating your pocket just because you forget to remove all the energy surges in your home. Apart from buying energy-saving bulbs and appliances, you must ensure you switch off the lights when they are not in use.

You are likely to leave the lights in your sitting room or kitchen when you go to bed or work. Keep a reminder to turn off the lights and save on your electricity bills.

7) Cook Your Food At Home

Most people spend a lot of money buying cooked food at restaurants and fast food outlets. Cooking and eating at home will save you a lot of money.

You can always carry packed lunch to the workplace and avoid eating at your local joint. 

It is never good to shop for a takeaway every day if you can cook your food at home. You should only buy food from outside when you must.

Save the extra amount that you spend shopping for food to buy a refrigerator and cooker at home. Invest in a modern kitchen and save some money on your monthly food expenditure.

8) Choose A Generic Prescription For Your Medication 

To save some money, go for generic prescriptions. Today, every medicine has a generic alternative; all you should do is consult your doctor for a recommendation.

If you are on a lifetime medication for a chronic infection like diabetes, cancer, or HBP, then medical bills may be taking much of your income. It is even worse if you don’t have a medical insurance policy to cover the medical bills. 

Therefore, you should try to shop at online pharmacies for medication if you have a valid prescription. This way, you will save some money on lifetime medication.

9) Open a New Bank Account 

Another smart move to make when saving your money is opening a new bank account specifically for savings. Besides having one for saving purposes, you can open other bank accounts for emergencies, health, school, and more. Having multiple bank accounts is an excellent thing as it offers you better opportunities to expand and explore financial opportunities.

Having a separate savings account can help reduce the temptation of spending that money. But before you open a new savings account, there are many things you should factor in to ensure this move is a success. 

For example, you must factor in insurance, minimum balance requirements, fees, interest, rewards, and mobile app features. You should also know where you can get free money from banks when you open an account. This means you should opt to open new accounts in banks that offer the best deals. This includes bonuses and incentives. Lastly, ensure you have all the relevant documents needed to open an account.

Final Thought

Saving money is essential if you are looking forward to living within your means. Always start by monitoring your expenditure on small items and how much you pay for your monthly bills like water and electricity. 

When you cut your expenses, ensure you save the extra bucks for investment. 

The eight tips on this article should open your eyes and help you save some money if you put them into practice.

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