9 Car Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Cars today are packed to the gills with features, and manufacturers are constantly thinking of new ways to surprise their customers by adding more functions. While some of them are luxury features, others are necessities. The demand for Kia service centers in Delhi is increased over time.

We recognize that many of the features described in this article are already familiar to petrolheads, but this article is intended for those who are interested in learning more about the features found in some of the current models of vehicles. You can easily look for a Lexus car service center.

The mg hector service cost is minimal. You might not have realized how much it would impact your vehicle experience, though. Because in a flash, the small automobile you’ve been driving became less than ideal for carrying a tiny new passenger and a tonne of baby supplies.

  1. More Storage/Cargo Space

It is common knowledge that smaller people need more “things” than larger people. Parents who used were quick to praise the cars that had roomy trunks for things like strollers, diaper bags, toys, groceries, etc. as well as extra interior storage spaces for things like baby wipes, tissues, bandages, snacks, and other smaller but equally important items.

  1. Fuel Lid Finder

The very first item on the list lets you know which side of the car the gasoline lid is on, and it’s also extremely basic and helpful. Obviously, it is your car, and you know where it is, but since different manufacturers place the fuel lid on various parts of the car, it can occasionally be perplexing when you drive a friend’s car or when you purchase a new vehicle. One glance at your instrument cluster will tell you which side to stop at the fuel pump because the small arrow next to the sign for the gas station indicates the direction/side on which the fuel lid is present.

  1. Tinted Windows or Sunshades Built-In

More than just your children’s comfort is at stake when you keep the sun at bay in the back seat. Rear windows that are tinted or covered will not only aid in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature but will also assist in protecting eyes and skin from UVA ray damage. Although sun blinds may be purchased separately, parents preferred the built-in versions because they didn’t need to be installed or cause any hassle.

  1. Back AC Vents

Imagine how it must be for a helpless newborn who is unable to adjust the temperature, remove their own clothing, or request that you “turn up the air, already!” if it is too hot. A baby can stay cool and content in the back seat with the help of AC vents.

  1. Volkswagen’s Up-Module feature

When you touch and hold the “Lock” button on a Volkswagen key for a short period of time, all the windows will roll up, and when you touch and hold the “Unlock” button for a short period of time, all the windows will roll down, even from a distance. This peculiarity comes in handy if you know someone who never rolls down their window before getting out of the car or who, on a hot day, might open all the windows before you get in. Really cool. These days, many other vehicles may also come equipped with this capability.

  1. Adaptive Key FOB

These days, this function can be found on all high-end vehicles, and it makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier. Since they lack key inserts, the key FOB and Start/Stop button work together. With the keys in your pocket or purse, the mechanism is fairly straightforward. The system will detect the presence of the key and get ready to unlock it once you get close to the sensor on your car’s door handles on both the driver’s and front passenger sides. However, it won’t unlock until you either touch the button on the door handle or, in some vehicles, after you pass a sensor-equipped door handle.

  1. Cards in the glove box

Although it may not be a crucial function, this one offers convenience. In order to prevent forgetting your RC cards and driving licenses in your purse while traveling, some vehicles, including the Tata Nexon and Hyundai Venue, have cardholders built into the glove box compartment.

  1. Rider Height

Sometimes you have to “try on” an automobile, much like when you shop for clothes, to see whether it fits. An automobile should not only be comfortable to drive but should also consider the ride height. In addition to wanting to be able to enter and exit the car easily, having the vehicle’s ride height matched to yours can sometimes make it easier on your body to lift and install a child car seat. So the next time you’re in the dealer showroom, make sure to compare the differences between a low sedan and a lifted SUV.

  1. An Extra Tire

Nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road with their infant due to a flat tire. Finding out that your car doesn’t even have a spare tire is even worse. Check to see if a vehicle has a spare tire when you are looking to buy one.


  1. What are the basic features of a car?

  • Rear defogger
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Day/night IRVMs
  • Electrically adjustable ORVMs
  • Central locking with keyless entry
  • Bluetooth-enabled audio system
  • Central locking and central locking with keyless entry.
  1. What are the features to avoid in a car?

  • Transmission through CVT.
  • Transmission: Manual.
  • A ship’s navigation.
  • Automatic Starter
  • Convertibles & Sunroofs.
  • Seats with adjustable temperatures.
  1. What features should I look for in a new car?

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Electric windows
  • Manual versus automatic
  • Rear-wheel drive versus front-wheel drive
  • Engine kind
  • Ratings and features for safety.
  • Hauling power.
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