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9 best locations in the UK for Italian food and drinks

Hello, fabulous foodies! If there’s one thing that gets our hearts racing faster than a Virgin high-speed train, it’s the tantalising taste of Italy. Lucky for us, we don’t have to dash to the airport or pack a suitcase to savour it. From scrumptious Sicilian dishes to the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee from the hills of Tuscany, the UK serves up Italian magnificence on a silver platter. Without further ado, let’s embark on a culinary journey across nine remarkable UK locales, dishing up the finest Italian Food & Wine Tasting Experience.

  1. Manchester – Salvi’s Cucina:

Imagine a little pocket of Naples, nestled snugly in the robust arms of Manchester. Salvi’s Cucina does more than just serve food; it gifts you memories. The highlight? Their mozzarella bar, where creamy cheese melts like a dream, whispering tales of Italian farms and sunny mornings.

  1. London – Bocca di Lupo, Soho:

With its cobblestone streets and dazzling city lights, Soho feels just like the pulsating heart of Rome, especially when you step into Bocca di Lupo. This is not just a restaurant; it’s a theatre of tastes, where even the afternoon tea takes a delightful Italian twist. The chefs put on a magnificent show as they craft regional Italian dishes right before your eyes, and as dusk settles, they present a unique blend of Britain’s tea-time charm infused with Italy’s flair. The star of the show? Their gelato. Crafted with perfection, each spoonful feels like an aria that crescendos into an explosion of flavours. You haven’t tasted London until you’ve tasted Bocca di Lupo’s rendition of Italy.

  1. Edinburgh – Locanda De Gusti:

Forget the rugged Scottish terrains and get transported to the breezy Amalfi coast. As you sit amidst the cosy interiors of Locanda De Gusti, the delicate seafood dishes, each artfully plated, take you on a journey across seas and mountains. Each bite is not just food; it’s an artwork, a story, a legacy.

  1. Liverpool – Il Forno:

Liverpool may be known for The Beatles, but Il Forno plays an equally entrancing culinary symphony. Think handmade pasta crafted with precision, each strand holding onto sauces like a cherished secret. Their rich and creamy risottos will have you singing serenades of joy.

  1. Bristol – Pasta Loco:

At Pasta Loco, tradition meets innovation. Tucked away in Bristol’s bustling lanes, this award-winning restaurant is where classic Italian dishes get a fun twist. Picture this: tagliatelle fresher than morning dew, combined with locally-sourced ingredients, creating a dance of global flavours in your mouth.

  1. Cardiff – Calabrisella:

Close your eyes and you’re in a bustling Italian square. Open them, and the magic of Calabrisella surrounds you. The air is fragrant with wood-fired pizzas that could rival the best in Naples. Pair it with a spritz, and it’s an evening under the Italian sun, right in Cardiff.

  1. Birmingham – Laghi’s Deli:

Laghi’s Deli is like a warm Italian hug in the midst of Birmingham’s hustle. Their freshly baked focaccia, warm, soft, and aromatic, feels like a loving embrace, while their tiramisu, rich and velvety, is the sweetest of kisses.

  1. Newcastle – Caffe Vivo:

By the banks of the River Tyne, Newcastle’s Caffe Vivo is where Italian culinary traditions come alive. Think plates adorned with generous spreads of antipasti, where each element, from the olives to the cured meats, is a revelation. And their wine? It flows like stories, rich and enthralling.

  1. Glasgow – Eusebi Deli:

Glasgow’s cultural heart beats with an Italian rhythm at Eusebi Deli. Here, recipes aren’t just dishes; they’re heirlooms passed down through generations. Whether diving into deep-fried gnocchi or sipping on a meticulously crafted espresso, each experience is a delightful journey through time.

With its passionate stories, heartfelt traditions, and undying love for food, Italian cuisine finds a home in the UK’s diverse landscape. These nine establishments aren’t just restaurants; they’re gateways to Italy and for better information, you can visit WonderDays. So, take a seat, raise a toast, and embark on this delectable journey. Buon Appetito! 

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