9 Benefits of Installing a Home Alarm System

Owning a home alarm system brings many benefits. A good alarm system ensures that the homeowners sleep soundly knowing that their home is safe and secure. 

Why You Need a Home Alarm System

Installing an alarm system in your house can provide peace of mind knowing that your home is monitored and secured. It can also alert you of any unusual activity that might be taking place in or around your home. Additionally, many insurance companies provide discounts on homeowner’s insurance premiums for those who have a security system installed in their home.

Here are 9 benefits of installing an alarm system.

Safeguards Your Valuables

This is one of the main reasons most people install a home alarm system. There’s always someone around us who has lost a valuable piece of jewelry, expensive electronics, or some items of high value due to a burglary. 

The tragedy is even worse when the object is a valuable family heirloom. A home security system features an alarm that can deter many would-be burglars and can alert the local authorities if someone tries a break-in.

Remote Access to Your Property

Thanks to modern security systems, you can keep tabs remotely on what’s happening within your house. By simply installing an app, you can monitor and control keyless door locks, smart thermostats, smart lights, or smart appliances in any room of the house.  

Alerts You of Gas or Fire Accidents 

You can choose to get alerts if your carbon monoxide or smoke detectors go off while you’re out of the house. Depending on the provider, you can also divert the notifications to the local authorities in case of any accidents.  

Discounted Homeowners Insurance

Although your security system may have a monthly fee, installing one in your house might reduce your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20 percent. That makes an alarm system a fairly excellent deal, especially when combined with immediate access to law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Keep An Eye on Kids and Pets

This is another significant benefit of installing a home security system. If you’re at the dentist’s clinic or work, you can simply open your provider’s app on the phone and monitor any activity in your house. Security cameras and video doorbells are great for seeing what your kids and pets are up to. If you have electronic doors installed at home, you can easily lock and unlock them for their safety. 

Prevents Crime

According to a 2009 Rutgers study, robberies significantly decreased in areas where half of the residents had security systems installed and the other half did not. A home alarm system keeps you safe, helps you prevent crime, and creates a safe space for the community and neighborhood. 

Better Electricity Control

Numerous security firms provide premium smart home items as part of their systems, including video doorbells, smart locks, and smart thermostats. These devices let you adjust the thermostat on any web-enabled device in case you forget to do it before leaving for a vacation. Similarly, if you leave your curling iron plugged in, you can turn the switch off through any device. This also helps turn the lights on and off in the house when you’re on vacation or at work. 

Peace of Mind

An alarm system gives you a sense of security and stability, possibly its best advantage. In addition to making you feel safe, it will help you be more focused, productive, and healthy.

Useful For Medical Emergency

Many residents, especially those who are elderly or live alone, may worry about their existing medical ailments. Safety pulls, or medical alert pendants, can be added to a home security system so that when they are pulled, emergency vehicles can be sent right to the house.

What More Can Security Cameras Do?

Home alarm systems do more than just monitor your house. 

  • Record moments that later turn into memories. Let’s say you’re at work and your pregnant dog at home gives birth. You certainly don’t want to miss that. 
  • Play tricks on your family members and guests
  • Watch how your kids treat each other in your absence
  • Broadcast your life live on social media with your friends and fans if you’re an influencer or blogger
  • Home alarm systems allow you to see any changes in the weather when you’re not home. 
  • See how a nanny or a babysitter treats your kids when you’re away from home to prevent any abuse.
  • Deter trespassing or damage to your property and much more. 

Important Features Every Home Alarm System Should Have

A security system is useless if no one pays attention to it, which is why you should opt for professional security systems that do most of the work for you. When installing a security system, knowing about the equipment and how to use it properly is important. The base station, also known as the hub, is the most crucial aspect of a security system. Whether it’s a monitor mounted on a wall or an integrated keypad with a device, you must ensure it is always functional. Other features to look out for include:

  1. Good battery life that allows the system to function if the power goes down.
  2. A cellular radio that allows communication to the hub and is not dependent on Wi-Fi or electricity.
  3. A variety of built-in communication protocols that allow you to expand home automation. These include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, etc. 


Adding a home alarm system to your house provides an added layer of protection against any potential break-ins or intruders. offers a list of the best security system providers on the internet. Simply enter your zip code, and they’ll find you the best service in your area.

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