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82% of Profee customers would recommend service to their peers

Profee customers

82% of those who use the Profee money transfer service are willing to recommend it to friends and colleagues, a recent study shows.

Profee surveyed over 10,000 of its clients to estimate the level of customer loyalty with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric. The respondents were asked to give a likelihood rating of 1 (“not willing to recommend”) through 10 (“will surely recommend”) to indicate how likely they would be to recommend Profee to a friend or colleague.

The NPS survey identifies how many Promoters (those who respond with a score of 9 or 10), Detractors (1 through 6), and Passives (7 or 8) are among the service users. The score is calculated as the difference between the share of Promoters and that of Detractors. The survey results show that 82% of respondents are Promoters vs 7% of Detractors; as such, the NPS is 75. This is one of the highest scores in the international money transfer and payments market. A similar survey conducted by Profee a half year ago, in March 2022 resulted in the NPS of 71 points.

According to Delighted, a service that evaluates the NPS in various industries, the average score for auto dealers is 48, retail – 35, fast food – 30, hospitality – 37, airlines – 37. For major global consumer brands, the NPS is usually in the range of 61 to 77, for example:

  •   Netflix – 68
  •   Starbucks – 77
  •   Amazon – 62
  •   Airbnb – 74
  •   Apple – 61.

Interestingly, for traditional financial services and organisations the average NPS is relatively low: 32 for banks, 30 for credit cards, or 40 for investments, the Delighted data shows.

Profee’s strong performance on other customer satisfaction metrics indicates a high level of customer loyalty. The company maintains high user ratings on Trustpilot where it holds an ‘Excellent’ rating of 4.7/5.

Ulugbek Mamadzhanov, Head of Customer Support at Profee: “We are committed to making the user experience as smooth as possible and always appreciate any input from our customers. It helps us identify our strong and weak points, make necessary adjustments and ultimately deliver the best service. Our high ratings and the NPS prove that this is the right strategy.”

The NPS is one of the most important tools used to measure customer loyalty. Analysing the score and taking immediate action allows businesses to adjust their product to customers’ demands and consequently increase retention. Measuring the NPS is essential for improving customer experience.

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