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8 Websites You Should Visit to Learn Web Development

Nowadays, businesses are transforming their work processes and recruiting individuals who add value to their projects. They started to recover post-lockdown and explore ways to flourish in the digital world. To achieve this, businesses have been searching for individuals who want to build their careers further and have spectacular skillsets. Web development is such a skill with a high scope in the market. 

It’s true when people say you can accomplish your goals through the art of freelancing. Many web developers take pride in diversifying their skills to meet business requirements. Whether they work on a freelance project or as a company employee, they can turn useful data into a fully functional and user-friendly website.

To learn web development, you need to start from somewhere. While you think you are stuck at the foundational level, your hard work, consistency, and dedication keep you going. We know all the talented web developers have achieved this expertise through constant practice and trial and error experiences. Where entering this field can sometimes feel daunting and challenging, the outcome and scope for it in the market are equally rewarding.

What is Meant by Web Development? 

First, let’s understand what the word ‘web development’ encapsulates. It is the art of developing unique websites and applications for mobile and desktop versions. Web development entails everything regarding programming and coding that ensures the creation of an engaging and immersive website.

The best web developer gauges your business size and scope and recommends what website will suit you the best. Plus, they always require your input on benchmarks to seek inspiration. Here, it’s also important to note that web development and web designing are two different fields. However, they may be interlinked when a client comes to you for both services. For example, suppose someone mainly works on a freelance basis and is an exceptional web developer. They may either partner with another web designer to fulfill the project requirements or know how to do both jobs perfectly. 

If your business does not want to risk its high-stake project, you can always ask custom web developers to share some templates with you for an idea. This way, you will understand if they understand your vision correctly and are ready to work on the project at hand.

What Can a Web Developer Help You With? 

A web developer is mostly engaged in not just developing websites but also updating them from time to time. Whether a business undergoes a rebranding phase, wants to add products to their websites, or wishes to change the layout/theme of its website, they turn to a web developer to fill in the gaps smoothly. There are also different types of web developers – frontend, backend, and full-stack developers. If you wish to pursue your career in this field and further hone your skills, you must decide which developer you want to be. For a full-stack developer, the road to learning is both thrilling and demanding. But, if they are dedicated, they can be an expert in frontend and backend development.

Moreso, the most important aspect for a web developer and designer is the final outlook of the website. Their efforts would not pay off if the website only looked great in brainstorming sessions but failed to come together. Coding for website design also becomes easier using HTML web pages. Of course, you can always study the specifics through courses, YouTube videos, and tutorials.

8 Leading Websites to Learn More About Web Development 

Let’s have a look at the top websites put together for your convenience!

1. Coursera 

Coursera is one of the most famous platforms to support your learning online. The website offers plenty of courses that are free of cost and include brilliant lessons. However, if you require graded assignments, you will have to pay a certain fee based on your course. Coursera collaborates with educational institutions around the world. As a result, the website caters to its students with more than 1,000 courses at a time. They also have a filter feature on the site that helps students select the field, topic, and level of their choice. Coursera also employs professional instructors from reputable organizations to teach the students. You just need to sign up on the site, register for the course you want to learn, and you will be halfway there! Once you complete your course, Coursera awards you with a certificate that you can keep as a record and, of course, achievement. 

2. Udemy

If you want to expand your learning at an affordable cost, Udemy is the right choice! This platform has 80,000+ courses to help you understand every tiny detail, from the basics of coding to the website’s algorithm. Here, you will have to pay for some courses and some are for free. 

Udemy’s mission is to encourage skill development in individuals and empower them in every step. Udemy is also devoted to supporting organizations that wish to plan monthly workshops for their employees and boost their knowledge.

3. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp teaches you everything you need to know regarding website development, from HTML, CSS, and Javascript to Python. The platform also helps you equip knowledge regarding responsive web design. In addition, it cultivates an active learning environment where students not only study but also work on multiple projects and assignments to assess their calibre and understanding.

4. Codecademy 

Codecademy has successfully taught the knowledge of coding to approximately 50 million individuals. Their coding classes are free, but you can learn at least 12 programming languages. Codecademy has provided a great opportunity to beginners so they can start their career path with adequate information and keep excelling in their field.

5. Treehouse

Treehouse is also a popular and friendly website for beginners who are looking for an informative resource to rely on. Led by experts, Treehouse offers affordable courses you can avail to learn more about web development and web design. 

You can also select your preferred coding language according to your learning level. In a nutshell, Treehouse has built a supportive community around its platform that guides you every step of the way. 

6. Udacity 

Udacity limited yet in-depth courses ensure an enhanced training experience. Udemy strongly believes in practice and encourages others to gain as much knowledge as they can. They have interactive sessions, quizzes, and engaging videos that help you test your knowledge. You can also check how much you’ve understood from a course once you have finished it. 

7. HTMLDog

HTMLDog covers everything you need to know about web development in three languages – HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Through each language, you can unlock multiple levels. If you’re a beginner, your next target would be to learn on intermediate and advanced levels. Since these languages are essential for web development, HTMLDog helps in teaching techniques with the help of examples, videos, and solid references. 

8. Traversy Media 

Brad Traversy has created an excellent YouTube channel that goes by the name Traversy Media. This channel covers all the topics from HTML, Javascript, and CSS to website frameworks like Bootstrap, Saas, and Vue Js. Brad Traversy’s tutorials are a great way to learn the basics of web development and all the important terminologies you need to know before going into deep explanations. The extensive experience of Brad Traversy in programming and teaching has led him to create a successful channel that motivates thousands of talented individuals every day.


Being a web developer is a tough job. However, once you have built an outstanding portfolio, you will see businesses rushing to you. Tekglide is also a web development company in the U.S that focuses on building a top-notch website for its clients. 

You can meet web developers through a company or over freelance platforms, giving your project a great start. If website developer acquires proper skills and works with competence, their work and positive energy will take them places! 

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