8 Ways To Feel Safer When Living Alone

Living Alone

When you live by yourself, you have a lot of freedom—you select how to decorate and what to eat, for example—but you are also the sole person responsible for ensuring the safety of both your home and yourself.

In the event that you do not have a roommate who is able to assist you in locking up or calling for aid in the event of a break-in, you will require additional forms of backup. By putting these ten preventative measures into practise in your house that you share with only one other person, you can ensure that you will not be taken by surprise.

Install CCTV

A security camera is the best way to have an extra pair of eyes look out for you and your home right away. These let you see what’s going on when you’re not at home, and they might make a thief think twice about breaking into your house.

Security camera footage is helping catch more and more criminals. The best news is that security cameras are available for almost every budget and need.

If your cameras are part of a monitored security system, it’s like having your own security staff on duty 24/7 without having to deal with a roommate.

Put Up Outdoor Lights With Motion Sensors

Putting them in the spotlight is another great way to scare them away. Motion sensor lights make it safer to walk around your property at night, and they can also stop bad things from happening in the first place.

For the best results, put motion sensor lights near all of your home’s entrances and anywhere outside where a thief could hide or break in without being seen. When a motion sensor turns on a floodlight, you can’t miss any part of your yard or house, even if it’s dark or hard to see.

Upgrade To A Smart Doorbell

Most break-ins happen during the day, but if you have a smart doorbell, it can look like you’re home even when you’re not. Most of these cool home security additions are easy to set up and very cheap.

Smart video doorbells have live video streaming, remote viewing apps, and two-way communication, so you can see and talk to whoever is at your door. This gives you more security and makes it less likely that someone will break in. It also protects you from a home invasion or other violent attack when you are at home. Using an apartment video intercom system can help you to feel more safe and secure when living alone. 

You don’t have to get up and look through the peephole to see who is at the door. These doorbells let you see who is there from wherever you feel safest.

Know Who Lives Around You

We don’t usually become best friends with the people who live next door in this age of smartphones and social media. But if you know and can trust your neighbours, you may feel safer in your neighbourhood.   Not only will you be able to recognise the people and cars that belong to you, but you can also ask them to keep an eye out for strange things happening on your street. So, the next time you want to walk by a neighbour with your nose in your email or Candy Crush, put down your phone, look at them, and say hello.

Use Smart Locks

We all know that putting a key under the welcome mat is like giving thieves an open invitation to break in. With smart locks, you never have to worry about your keys getting lost or stolen again. Smart locks can be opened with a number code, a fingerprint, or anything else. Many also come with a remote control that lets you check to see if you locked the door, and if you didn’t, you can lock it with a swipe of your finger if you forgot.

Use Backup

Even if you live alone, you don’t have to be on your own when it comes to making sure you and your home are safe. Tell your close friends about your normal routine and let them know if something is going to change it, like your upcoming trip to the beach. Set up regular check-ins with family and friends so that if you disappear, someone will notice. Invite a friend over if you’re having work done on your house by a contractor or repair person you’ve never met.

Lock The Garage Door

We often forget about the garage when it comes to making our homes safe. Criminals who have been doing this for a while know this, and they also know how to break into your garage door opener. Make sure this important part of your home isn’t left open to danger. Automating your garage door lets you open and close it from across town and double check that it’s closed. This is a great way to upgrade your garage. If you have to go out of town for work or vacation, turn off your garage door opener and install a manual lock for added security.

Pay Attention To Your Garden

Landscaping is about a lot more than just getting a prize from the garden club. With the right knowledge, you can keep burglars away by using your lawn and all its features. Keep your trees and bushes trimmed so they don’t get in the way of your view or give criminals a place to hide.

Plants that scare away bad people can help make your home safer. Think about putting thorny plants like hawthorn or roses near windows and other points of entry. And if you live in an apartment, put planter boxes in front of your windows to make them harder to get into.

We know you love living alone, so we want to help you stay safe and keep your home safe so you can enjoy every minute. Don’t take chances with your health. Use the information in this article to come up with the best plan for your own safety if you live alone.

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