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8 Types Of Backlinks | That Matters Most In SEO

Back-links like Guest Posting, Link Insertion, PR, and Comment Back-links have different types of importance depending on linked site relevancy and authority.

The most effective way to rank on the top of the SERPs is off-page SEO strategies. The Off-Page SEO is further divided into different types or categories. Those are types included in link building, backlinking, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Back-links are the most frequently used terms in off-page SEO strategy. The top-ranking pages on Google have a lot of incoming links. Basically, back-links are the outbound links that come from other authorities and trustworthy websites. 

What are the Back-links?

The links that are coming from another website to your website a links or hyperlinks. In SEO, they are considered a source of enhancing website visibility and credibility. 

The quality of the back-link is more important than the quantity of the back-link; the more quality links you have, the more traffic your website will gain. The quality of the links also matters as the domain authority, and the relevancy of the that website.

Backlinking is further divided into different categories they’ve different positions and importance. When different websites are linked to a specific site, it means Google is noticing the worth of the site and giving an edge to that particular site.

2 Main Categories Of Back-links:

Do-Follow Back-link:

The links passing the authority of one web page to another are known as Do-Follow Back-links. They actually allow the search engines to follow the link and pass link juice and require no ‘rel=dofollow’ attribute to be added for do-follow links.

 Attribute like;

<a href=“https://dreamskillpro,com/blog/off-page seo” target=“_blank” rel=“noopener”>How you can do off-page</a>

No-Follow Back-link:

No follow links do not pass the link juice or authority of a web page to another web page. These links do not allow the Search Engines to be followed. These links don’t directly benefit the authority of the website but, still can drive traffic and enhance visibility. No follow-backlinking was introduced to reduce the spamming and manipulation of the links.

It requires a nofollow attribute, like;


8 Different Types Of Back-links:

To help you to start making back-links for your website, we have listed 12 different types of back-links that will help you to boost rankings. Every kind of backlinking has its importance, quality, and weak points as well.

These listed types are well-experienced and give a better return in the aspect of gaining traffic and ranking on SERPs.

1.Organic Back-links:

The links that the website owner places on their site by himself naturally, come from other sites thinking they are benefiting the users and adding value to their website are organic back-links. 

The back-link you’re creating must be relevant, valuable, and evergreen related to your niche content.

2.Guest post back-links:

The most popular way of backlinking is writing an article and publishing it on another niche-relevant website, known as Guest Posting. It involves establishing a relationship with the people behind the websites and reaching them and getting guest post links, if they’re interested in your content.

  • Getting Guest posting is like facing different challenges like:
  • Finding potential websites
  • Writing attractive emails
  • Outreaching
  • Write compelling content without any promotion 
  • Providing it to the blogger to publish.

 In some cases, it can demoralize but mostly this is one of the fruitful methods to get back-links. 

3.Niche Edits:

Niche Edit or Link Insertion is the method to place the link of your web page on another website article that is already published. The benefit of it, it establishes a quick authority towards your site because the link is inserted into the piece of content that has already been established on Google.

To find the best niche edit sites, you must consider these points;

  • It must have targeted traffic.
  • The site must have relevant content.
  • Domain authority must be high.
  • Spam Score on the site must be low.
  • Check the Domain Back-link Profiles.

4.PBN Back-links:

Private Blog Networks (PBN) links are links that are built from their blog sites to their main site. First, they set up different websites, publish content on them, and when they get indexed on Google, and create back-links. 

Because of this, Google does not like this strategy, discovering these and restricting their sites.  It is not commonly used nowadays but some SEOs still apply this method to get back-links.

Some of the bad sides of PBN are discussed below;

  • Drop your rankings instantly.
  • This can lead to Google Penalty.
  • High cost with no success guarantee.
  • Big Risk taking factor for site credibility

5.Comment back-links:

Many websites and blogs plotted a comment section below the published content, where they allow their audience or users to comment. This is the best and easiest way to create a back-link for your website. Some of the websites allow the additional method to put a link that addresses your site directly, called comment back-links. 


The search engines considered the back-links as the site authority, credibility, and traffic-gaining source. But if the website has spammy or low-quality back-links, then it will give a penalty to that website.


6.Sponsored or paid back-links:

The links, created by paying money or in return for something valuable by the advertiser or website owner, are Paid or sponsored back-links. These links are straight away against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. 

These links must include the attribute that tells Google or other search engines that these are sponsored links, such as;


7.Forum back-links:

These links are created by answering forums in the question sections and are forum back-links. The most famous sites for forum back-links are Reddit and Quora. To add these types of back-links, SEO people will search for relevant topics in forums and answer them by attaching their website in answers. Search Engines will follow that link and hold it as the reference of the site’s authority and credibility.

Points to be considered for getting Forum back-links:

  • Forum relevant to your niche.
  • Check if they offer Do-Follow links.
  • Get links through forum profiles, comments, and signatures.

8.Press release back-links:

A note or reminder message that companies send users to notify them about something valued or trustworthy is known as a Press Release. The back-links obtained by this method are Press Release PR Back-links. These links are acquired by high-authority websites like news, magazines, journalists, etc.

When the media market or such websites publish press release articles and link your website, they offer do-follow links. But they also offer No-Follow Back-links.


In conclusion, back-links are an essential aspect of SEO, crucial for enhancing a website’s authority, visibility, and search engine ranking. Understanding the types of back-links—natural, manual, and self-created—is crucial for developing an effective link-building strategy. Natural back-links, earned organically, are the most valuable, while manual and self-created back-links require careful management to avoid penalties. Focusing on high-quality, relevant back-links from authoritative sources can significantly enhance your website’s visibility and drive sustainable traffic growth. Visit 


  1. What are back-links and why are they important for SEO?

The links come from highly reputable websites to other sites that are back-links. They play the most essential role in Search engine rankings, driving traffic, and enhancing the visibility and credibility of the website.

  1. Why are organic back-links more valuable?

Organic back-links are more important because they are earned naturally without any deliberate effort to manipulate search engine rankings. 

  1. What are the risks associated with self-created back-links?

The risks associated with self-created back-links include potential penalties from search engines if the back-links are perceived as spammy or manipulative.

  1. Are all the back-links created manually are equally valued?

No, all manual back-links are not equally valuable. The value of a manual back-link depends on the authority and relevancy of the linking website and the placement of the link in the content.

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