8 Surprising Ways Video Games Can Affect Your Health


Playing video games is not just a hobby. For many people, gaming is a passion or even a profession. Today, gaming has become one of the fast-growing industries. You can find online games for every age and gender. From simple spelling bee games to MMORPGs, you can find thousands of gaming options. Many games also provide multi-platform service. If you want to play a game with your friend who is using a different interface then check for is the forest cross platform. If yes, then you can easily play the game with your friends. After a busy schedule, a single round of gaming can reduce all your stress. But gaming can be addictive, especially to teens. Your gaming habits can also affect your mental and physical health.

Poor sleeping habits

If you play a lot of games, you will face poor sleeping issues. Conditions like insomnia are very common among gamers. People spend hours playing games that reduce their sleep time. Teens often play games at night due to their busy daily schedules. Due to this, they can’t get enough sleep and are then unable to perform well. This negligence to sleep will cause lots of problems in your life. You can’t focus on studying and other things. It affects academic performance and physical health.

Poor diet and dehydration

Some people play games for several hours straight. Due to this, they can’t eat and drink properly. While playing games, they often eat junk food like pizza and coke. All these things can lead to poor diet and dehydration. Due to this, you can face issues like headaches, muscle pain, etc. When you can’t eat properly, your body starts functioning poorly. Gamers often face various physical problems due to poor diet plans.


Outdoor games are good to reduce obesity and manage body mass and muscle. Meanwhile, if you are spending your precious time in online games, your body will suffer. Gamers spend hours and hours in the gaming chair. This can cause obesity, stiff joints, back pain, poor posture, and muscle loss. Regularly sitting in the same positions for hours can also lead to various consequences like chronic headaches, neck problems, etc. Meanwhile, you barely find pro gamers out-of-shape because they know how to manage their time. They are celebrities and work a lot to manage their look. Other gamers spend the whole day gaming and eating junk food. 

Poor concentration

Gaming requires good attention for better scores and rank. People who play games can improve their concentration power. However, it can also cause other problems. When a person is too engaged in gaming, his mind is always preoccupied with gaming. Due to this, he can’t give attention to other things. Teens often face issues like a poor concentration in studies when they spend more time gaming. 

Poor mental health

Some games elevate your aggression level. While playing a game, if the performance is not better, the person often gets aggressive. This problem mainly appears when the person is playing a multiplayer game. The regular pressure from his team and the aggressive conversations can affect his mental health. Your game addiction can lead to restlessness, aggression, and various other issues. 

Social anxiety

Playing games with unknown people is easy. You don’t know the person behind the screen. Playing online games can help improve your social skills. Introverts can easily make friends around the world by playing video games. However, it can also cause social anxiety. You can easily talk to everyone behind the screen. But talking to anyone in person can become difficult. You may see people who always put on earphones and walk alone. People love talking to strangers over the Internet but feel anxious if they have to interact with anyone in person. Playing excessive games can cause low self-esteem and depression.

Lack of motivation

One of the major issues behind playing online games is a lack of motivation. Kids often spend their time playing video games. Due to this, they forget about their future. Indeed, you can become a pro gamer, which is also a good career. But not everyone can become a pro gamer. Kids engage in gaming which causes a lack of motivation. Online gaming is a hyper-stimulating activity. When they play online games, the brain starts releasing dopamine which increases the excitement level. They feel more pleasure in gaming and they start avoiding other crucial activities.

Depression and cyberbullying 

When a person is too immersed in gaming; he may start losing everything. He may become lonely and can’t find anyone to talk to in person. This can lead to depression. Gaming addiction can lead to poor social status and gamers always want to escape reality. Another problem is cyberbullying. People, especially teens can become victims of cyberbullying and fraud. 

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