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8 surprising ways to decorate barn doors

Barn doors have become a staple characteristic of farmhouses as well as modern homes. The vintage charm in these doors can be seen effortlessly to add easy separation in the bathroom and bedroom closet in a unique style. Barn doors gave a vintage modern look to provide a perfect correlation in your home. Here are some effective ways to use the barn door.

In the bathroom space

The half bath is a great space utilizing the aesthetic look of a barn door. You can take off the styling as it uses less floor space than swinging once to provide the room, especially in small areas. This traditional style is perfect to stand out in industrial areas.

Secret kitchen pantry

You can use them in your kitchen to conceal the pantry and also add a board to add notes or make your kids doodle while you work in the kitchen. The entire chalkboard door will give you a lot of surfaces to play with your kids with creativity and also save your walls from crayons.

In side table

You can play around with your side tables by incorporating these small cabinets in them. They will look adorable and keep your things hidden inside them. You can use them to create a small book near your bedside by adding your styling skill for a neat look.

Play with texture and pattern

You can play around with different texture patterns like tribe pattern honeycombs or other 3D patterns to create an attractive board. You can even hand-painted them to create a personalised barn door

Ancient gliders

If you are searching for a royal feel you should go for the classy gold or rose gold metal door to apply the contemporary of modern art in them. You can add them to your closet or bedroom partitioning space. They can also help you conceal the master bath with classy doors.

Small kitchen cabinet

It doesn’t matter whether they are full-size doll adorable mini doors to add a great aesthetic look in the kitchen or laundry room. You can add them to hide your dishwasher, trash can, dryer washing machine etc. You can add your own DIY to match the aesthetic of the room.

The bold colours

Instead of going for any artist’s take you can just choose a contrasting color palette in the door that matches with aesthetic and taste. You can try different colours or your favourite colour according to the room decor and paint.

Hiding the television

Like the old 90s TV which used to hide indoors, you can create that aesthetic wave by hiding your big screen in an adorable small barn door to keep them hidden. It can help you to turn your room into a formal setup.


Styling doors can be a tough task but if you understand your inner shelf and what resonates with the door and house you can choose the best way to decorate a barn door. They are available in a wide variety of colours and you can even play around with patterns etc for an aesthetic feel.

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