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8 Reasons To Use a Project Management Tool

8 Reasons To Use a Project Management Tool

Whether you are a business manager or a freelance professional, you are probably tackling several projects at the same time. That’s the only way organizations grow and excel.

Adjusting your resources and time for several demanding clients is easier said than done. Project management in this scenario can be extremely challenging. Emerging technologies have come up with powerful tools to make your task as simple as possible.

Yes, we are talking about the project management tools designed especially for everyday tasks like planning, resource allocation and scheduling. The advantages of using these tools are plenty, and many managers vouch for them.

If you’re still wondering whether the technology is meant for you or not, we have outlined all the reasons why you should take that plunge!

1. Unhindered Communication

Organizations look for project management tools for the primary purpose of solving communication-related problems. Project management tools can not only improve the way members communicate within the organization, but also how they interact with clients and other stakeholders.

A project management platform comes with features that make editing, reviewing and receiving feedback easy. With these tools, everything can be discussed openly and transparently. There is a record of every conversation. This is a great way to build trust within the organization as well as outside.

2. Collaborate With Teams

Most businesses are turning to project management tools to accelerate their team development and coordination. Task management is a key feature of project management tools that allow teams to collaborate more effectively.

It is easy for teams to handle assignments, discuss queries and get assistance. Task management software like SmartSuite comes with unique features with which team members can also make checklists, leave comments, make personal to-do lists and much more.

3. Monitoring And Reporting

A growing business can never underestimate the importance of real-time reporting and monitoring of progress. In a service-based organization, it is difficult to monitor performance as all employees and staff members are usually working at their personal workstations.

Project management tools are effective in making detailed reports and insights on performance available for managers. Members can feed in their time entries directly in the system which is used for creating insights. Time tracking is a good way for monitoring productivity and tracking progress. With a comprehensive reporting and monitoring system, managers can effectively steer their teams towards success.

4. Efficient Resource Management

Resource management is vital for businesses, big or small; whether they’re based in the service or manufacturing industry. Effective management always involves efficient planning for resources and their allocation. This requires not only well-experienced management strategists but also the right kind of management tools.

Project management tools can equip managers with the right information and insights to get the best results from available resources. When resources get well utilized, neither time nor money gets wasted. It’s a win-win situation for the organization and clients.

5. Project Planning With Advanced Automation

Project managers make an effort to keep the project plans as achievable as possible. But project planning may seem futile if teams keep missing their targets and deadlines. To cut down the frustration that comes with poor project planning, project management tools are equipped with artificial intelligence that makes accurate predictions regarding project timelines.

With automated project planning, project managers can easily establish close estimates for costs, milestones and deliverables. Another advantage of automated tools is that project managers can get timely suggestions for making changes and updating a project plan based on ongoing progress.

6. Budgeting For Projects

Controlling the project budget is a responsibility of the project manager that can prove to be very challenging. A project manager has to evolve effective strategies for making clear and realistic budgets and ensuring that the team sticks to them.

Project management tools can prove to be very helpful in this task. With budget data reports, the manager can project and monitor costs and expected returns. The manager can keep track of budget data and take control of deliverables.

7. Forecast With Confidence

How organizations manage multiple projects determines their profitability and competitiveness. When multiple projects have to be executed simultaneously, it becomes crucial to forecast as accurately as possible. To thrive in a competitive industry, management has to take advantage of resources, foresee obstacles and avoid bottlenecks.

Project management tools can give a clear picture of how the organization’s timeline looks with several projects underway. This helps managers to allocate tasks and resources, track progress and predict performance more precisely. They can also plan for future projects and tasks.

8. Better Customer Relations

Organizations that have adopted project management tools and software reports increased customer satisfaction. It is like a halo effect, generated from better productivity, timely reporting, prompt task completion and efficient budgeting. Better performance and communication become second nature. As a result, the client is always happy.

With task management software, your organization can sustain its reputation with the customers. You can yield consistent performance irrespective of changes in the organization like new employees, employees going on leave, etc.


Organizations which have already adopted project management software and tools like totally science gitlab are extremely satisfied with how things are working for them. Organizations can derive a unique combination of flexibility and consistency for their teams.

Managers can give more attention to complex strategies and expansion goals, only because their mundane management challenges are already addressed by the project management tool.

With several advanced features and innovative applications, project management tools are indeed the ideal solution for any growing business or organization. These tools can help businesses acquire more clients and deliver the highest level of performance. Productivity in the organization is enhanced. As a result of which profitability increases.

As you have seen there are several reasons to adopt project management tools. Software development companies like SmartSuite also allow you to access their software for a free trial without asking for your credit card details. Well, we believe that is another reason to give project management a try, don’t you agree?

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