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8 Reasons to Outsource Salesforce Implementation

People experience great rewards when running a business, but there is also an assortment of hurdles they must overcome when running their company. One of the most significant sectors of any industry is the salesforce. However, perfecting your salesforce process and meeting sales goals can be an uphill battle. Read on to learn the top eight reasons why Salesforce Implementation is imperative to your business.

Introduction to Salesforce Implementation and importance

Salesforce Implementation simply means a thorough understanding of your sales processes and how they can be improved to meet your company’s goals. A Salesforce Implementation Specialist will carefully review your current sales process to see where improvements can be made.

Some companies will hire a specialist to renovate their sales process completely. Others will hire temporarily to ensure a new project or premise. Although some large companies may have salesforce implementation consultants on staff, many instead opt to hire a specialist temporarily. Benefits of hiring a specialist include:

  •       Saving money
  •       Avoiding time-consuming processes
  •       Expert guidance
  •       Time to focus on other tasks
  •       Avoiding hiring permanent staff
  •       Avoiding common mistakes
  •       Compliance
  •       Access to support and training

Salesforce implementation can be time-consuming and complex

Salesforce implementation, on the surface, may seem like an easy process. In reality, it is complicated and time-consuming. Specialists will examine trends, gather data and create reports.

On the surface, it can be tempting to think someone from within the company is the best fit for this aspect of the job. After all, they know the ins and outs of the company and its mission. However, most people within a company are blinded by their prejudices, leading to misunderstanding or overlooking essential data points. Although it is possible for someone within a company to complete a thorough audit, the process takes a fair number of resources and isn’t likely to be completed well.

Outsourcing can help you save time and money on implementation

Corporations looking at salesforce implementation services may be tempted to hire someone permanently or train an in-house employee. The issue with this strategy is that it costs time and money.

Salesforce implementation takes years to learn. Trends and tools are hard to understand if an employee doesn’t have the proper knowledge. To get an employee to a level where they can grasp what they’re examining, you must be prepared to pay for hours of education.

Even if an employer is fine with furthering an employee’s education, they still need someone to look at their current salesforce. Disregarding it can lead to utilizing poor ideas and methods or simply waiting for an issue to work out for itself—all of which cost money.

Outsourced teams are experts in Salesforce Implementation

Many businesses worry about outsourcing aspects of their business. Some may worry that the outsourced team won’t know their company adequately or realize that whomever they’re working with won’t stay. The main thing to remember when outsourcing is dealing with an expert in the field.

An expert can look at the whole picture of your company, learn your mission and goals, and see how close you are to achieving them. They’ll also know about your market trends. This expertise allows them to create a salesforce implementation that works rather than trial and error plans that waste resources.

You can focus on your core business while the outsourced team focuses on Salesforce Implementation.

Salesforce implementation can become a grueling task. As a business owner, you will be pulled away from other tasks when looking to create a team or learn more about the process yourself. This leads to you losing money by spending money on building and educating a team and not being able to focus on essential tasks.

With outsourced salesforce implementation partners, you can focus on aspects of your business that need your attention. This can lead to a considerable spike in your revenue, growth, and free time.

You don’t need to worry about hiring and training staff for Salesforce Implementation.

Here’s the deal with salesforce implementation: it is expensive when building from the ground up. Employees needing to be hired and trained can cost thousands of dollars. This simply does not make sense for many businesses, especially those looking for short-term hires.

An outsourced Salesforce expert will come with a host of knowledge based on experience and education. You don’t need to worry about paying for their education or hiring someone for your company. Instead, you’ll be working with a qualified expert who wants to help you push your business to the next level.

Outsourcing will help you avoid common mistakes during implementation

Implementation is an arduous process that hosts a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately, many of the most common mistakes are routinely committed across industries. This leads to companies spending millions of dollars yearly on mistakes they don’t need to make.

An implementation expert will help your business avoid these common pitfalls because they always see them. They know which strategies will work, such as cloud implementation and what fails. Rather than playing a game of chance, implementation experts create plans that work for each company they work with.

The outsourced team will ensure that your Salesforce Implementation is compliant with regulations.

Although it may seem unlikely, there are numerous regulations companies must follow for specific salesforce implementation plans. Companies found violating these laws can face steep fines and lawsuits.

Outsourced teams deeply understand what rules and regulations must be followed by a company to remain compliant. They will work with companies to create the right plan while remaining compliant with local and federal laws, ordinances, and regulations no matter where the business may be located.

You’ll have access to support and training services after the implementation.

We know it is not unusual to think that an outsourced team will stay for a limited duration. With some companies, this may be the case. However, many consultants offer continued support and training so businesses can improve their salesforce implementation plans even after the heavy lifting is completed. This allows a business to continue to grow and learn new techniques for the salesforce for years to come.


Salesforce implementation is an essential aspect of any business. Although companies may be tempted to hire and train new employees, outsourcing experts is likely the best course of action for most companies. An outsourced team can:

  •       Lower costs
  •       Avoid time-consuming processes
  •       Offer expert guidance
  •       Time for businesses to focus on other tasks
  •       Prevent you from hiring permanent staff
  •       Avoid common mistakes
  •       Comply with all regulations, ordinances, and laws
  •       Provide support and training

These benefits more than justify the cost associated with outsourcing an expert. Still on the fence? You can talk to an expert like Ad Victorium Solutions with extensive experience helping businesses grow. We can create tailored solutions for your unique problems. Create the right salesforce implementation team for your business while enjoying all the benefits of outsourcing today.

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