8 Proven Tips for Securing Your Small Business Network Security

You can be the next target of cyberattacks!

You do indeed listen, right!. This is the biggest mistake if you believe a cyber attack cannot happen against your small business.

According to the Techjury, 14. 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses, and this was because they had minimal security infrastructure, making them easy prey for data predators.

If you don’t want to be part of such cybercrime and make a loss of thousands of dollars, then given below are some of the proven tips that will help secure your small business network security.

What is Network Security?

Network security is the process of securing the most valuable data of your organization from being stolen or hacked. So, if you have a small business and your network is not secure, then the chances are high that your resources are under threat.

According to the Hiscox report, 48% of small businesses suffered at least one cyber attack yearly and underwent an annual loss of $80,000. If you don’t want to be a part of such a fate, use the below-proven tips to secure your small business network security.

How to Secure Your Small Business Network Security

Train Your Employees

The first tip to secure your small business from cyber attacks is empowering your employee. Teaching them to recognize common cyber threats like malware, phishing, SQL injection, password attack, and more can save your business from a major loss.

A cyberattack is something that can happen anytime and from anywhere. There is no way to predict the attack. Thus, keeping your employees informed can save you from being the next target.

Set a Strong Password

The second most important tip is to teach your employees to set a long, unique password and easy to remember. This way, you can protect your sensitive data from breaches. To add extra protection, you can also include multi-factor authentication.

The password and username with multi-factor authentication will give your small business complete network security and make it harder for hackers to access sensitive and crucial information.

Update Your Firmware

If you don’t want your firmware to assist in falling your business, then keep your firmware updated. Doing this will fill all the security holes and ensure the proper function of the hardware. You can also take the help of the best firmware development service to make your firmware as secure as another aspect of your computer.

Install a Firewall & Antivirus Software

Installing a firewall is crucial to securing your network. It is a tool that protects sensitive data from unauthorized sources by filtering data information coming in from the outside source. To add extra protection, you can also install antivirus software. This would keep your website safe while surfing or downloading anonymous files.

Always Keep Your Software Update

Yes, you hear right! Most of us skip updating the software installed on our computer because of our busy schedules or leave it for later. If you are doing the same, it is an out-and-out invitation for hackers.

Remember, your tools are not designed to last forever and need a time-to-time upgrade. Otherwise, it may put your small business network security at high risk. The best way to avoid such risk is to use only the updated tool to keep your business safer. This will keep you on top of the latest malware.

Make Use of VPN

A VPN is a great way to secure your data from hackers as it encrypts your data wherever you go online for any activity. A VPN creates an extra layer of security, especially when you access business files over an unsecured or public network.

So, use a VPN if you want your small business to be flexible and dynamic. This will keep your data and your browsing habit private. And you would be able to work from anywhere securely and grow with the tech business.

Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

If you are using a Wi-Fi network for your small business, then it can be the breaching point for cybercriminals. Thus, you must take a step to secure your internet connection. And the best way to do that is:

  • Make your Wi-Fi password unique and strong
  • Change the default name of your network
  • Enable network encryption
  • Disable network name
  • Use only a good firewall
  • Use VPN to connect with your network

These are some ways through which you can throw the hackers off their mission.

Keep an Archive of Critical Data

Last but not least, you should keep a backup of all the critical data as you might not know what can happen with your system at any time. Taking all the measures and thinking that you are secure from all threats is not the right idea. You should have a solid recovery plan if anything happens with your data. And backing up the critical data is the best strategy.


To conclude, if you are a small business owner, don’t think your data is secure from hackers or cyber threats. You are at as much risk as the big companies. So, no matter what, always keep your business protected from all kinds of latest malware threats or cyber-attacks. Above are some proven tips using which help you secure your data.

Remember, “Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and the more system we secure, the more secure we are”.

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