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8 Promo Products Perfect for Beach-Side Companies

8 Promo Products Perfect for Beach-Side Companies

A day at the beach is a dream. When tourists and locals flock to the beach, they need lots of items and tools to ensure they have the perfect day. As a beach-side company, you should be giving out gifts that help them achieve the ultimate beach outing. To help you achieve this, and to help boost your brand in 2023, here are eight promo products that are perfect for beach-side companies’ promotional marketing campaigns:

1. Sunglasses

When you’re about to enjoy a day at the beach, you have to take your body’s health into account. After all, the harsh sun (while lovely) can cause you to have skin and eye issues if you’re not careful. By giving out free branded sunglasses to people passing by your beach-side company, you can keep the town safe and spread the word about your business in a positive, public health-minded fashion.

2. Beach Towels

Who doesn’t love a free towel? Make that gift that much more exciting by upgrading to a full-on beach towel. Handing out branded beach towels for customers who’ve remained loyal to your business is a great way to keep them coming back again, and again, and again, after all. These can be a bit pricier, but the loyalty and brand awareness they’ll inspire are hard to beat.

3. Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is an absolute must when you’re enjoying a day at the beach. Even if the sun doesn’t seem particularly hot, it can drain your body’s water levels much faster than you realize (and the actual sea water does not help in this regard either). By handing out free branded water bottles, you’ll promote safe hydration practices to the people who are living in (or visiting) your breach-side town.

4. Coolers

Speaking of staying hydrated, there are way more drinks than just water that people love to enjoy on the beach. A cold beer or soda can be fantastic for kicking back and enjoying one of nature’s greatest wonders. Coolers help to keep your customers’ drinks (and snacks) nice and cold (and away from pesky seagulls). This is another gift that is not exactly dirt cheap but can still be bought at a solid price point when purchased in bulk.

5. Hand Fans

Staying cool and relaxed is another must for a day out at the beach. Hand fans are a fancy, fun way to add an extra breeze to your beach outing. The fact that you can get branded hand fans for a dirt cheap price (especially when they’re bought in bulk) makes them an attractive promo gift option for many companies. Many beach-side novelty stores will even hand them out to customers for free when they come into the store.

6. Beach Balls

Having a solid beach day can entail way more than a relaxing tanning session and fun wading in the ocean. Many people love to bring beach-side games and sports into the mix, and beach balls are a tried and true way to take full advantage of the beach setting during your next beach outing. If you’re giving them out, consider inflating them ahead of time, so you can save your customers from a potentially frustrating situation later on. If you give out a gift that ultimately frustrates your customers, you could end up causing the exact opposite effect that you intend to create.

7. Sunscreen

As we mentioned earlier, staying safe at the beach is key. Your skin needs to be lathered in sunscreen to prevent painful burns and tragic cancer-causing effects from prolonged exposure to bright, intense sunlight. Give the gift of excellent skin health by handing out sunscreen to people in your beachside community. You can buy a bulk order of sunscreen at a low price point, and you can even hand out sunscreen to your employees to ensure you’re taking care of their needs as well. After all, you’ll need loyal employees if you want to create a brand that inspires customer loyalty.

8. Drawstring Backpacks

One of the best products you can hand out during a beach-side promotional campaign, drawstring backpacks are fun, incredibly convenient, and surprisingly affordable to buy in bulk. If you’re looking for an inventive and memorable way to pack your customers’ purchases, this is the way to go. Even if you’re going down a more traditional route in using and handing out branded drawstring backpacks, they’ll be certain to help you attract new customers, and inspire loyalty in existing customers. When you’re about to spend a day at the beach, having a brand-new drawstring backpack is insanely useful.

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