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8 Most In-Demand Jobs for 2023

When a job is “in demand” it means several things. In this case, it only refers to jobs that headhunters are frequently tasked to fill. If people are crying out to headhunters for certain types of employees, then the top eight are featured in this article. When people look for a headhunting company here, it is most often because they want employees for these types of jobs. 

1 – Nursing Home Staff 

Caring for the elderly is a very difficult job that is poorly paid. It also requires a number of qualifications and checks before somebody can be hired. Nursing homes are crying out for staff. 

2 – Social Media Marketer 

Small to medium businesses hop on social media, do a lot of work, and then cannot understand why their content is not trending and why their customers are not buying. The social media networks make it very difficult for businesses to become successful because they know businesses will pay money for promotions and adverts. That is why small businesses seek out an expert in social media to help them make an impact with their social media accounts. Most of the jobs in this list are in demand because there is scarcity of workers. But in this case, there are too many potential workers and too fewer genuinely “good” and effective workers. 

3 – Freelance Writer 

You would think that the advanced AI writing bots would have put writers out of business, but it is only fuelling the demand for freelance writers. They write everything from summaries of technical studies to top ten ways to warm your house in winter. 

4 – Network Security Expert 

Almost any sort of security worker is in high demand simply because it is such a high value job. The hacks we learn about on the Internet (GoDaddy, FTX, etc.) are only the tip of the iceberg. Most companies do not disclose or report their hacks for fear of the negative PR. That is why IT security people are always in high demand. 

5 – Childcare Workers 

This job isn’t as difficult as elder care, but it has the added dangers of children getting hurt and it ruining your career. Added to which, it comes with low wages because running a childcare operation isn’t very profitable. It is also one of many female-dominated industries, which eliminates at least half of the potential workforce (men) from the start. Plus, you need to be constantly engaged with your job in this case, and some people simply cannot maintain their attention for 

such long periods. 

6 – Healthcare Workers 

Imagine a job where you need qualifications to work in a stressful, emotionally demanding, high-impact and important job. When, for the same level of qualifications and wages, you can be a librarian. People are not signing up fast enough to cover demand because of these reasons. 

7 – Data/Business Analysts 

Data has never been easier to harvest and examine, but getting insights is now almost impossible unless you are running a massive grocery store like Walmart. Those examining stock and crypto markets are in an equally difficult position – too much data, and few provable ways to create insights. As a result, businesses are always looking for a “good” data or business analyst, simply because there are so many average ones out there who are unable to create usable or actionable insights. 

8 – Technical Support Staff 

Technology isn’t an overly complex problem, but it is a constant concern. It is like the ever knocking door, and pretty soon, managers and business owners get tired of answering. Tech support staff who are good at their job can help maintain an online reputation and even reverse people’s decisions to quit using a certain product. 

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