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8 Marketing Tips for Businesses in 2023

Marketing Tips

The success of your business will have a direct correlation with the success of your marketing campaigns. That’s always been the case, but it’s especially relevant today when marketing has such a huge influence on the ability of a business to reach audiences and win customers. With competition more fierce than ever before, it’s essential that all businesses take the time to put together robust, effective marketing campaigns. In this blog, we’ll run through some tried and tested tips for pushing your marketing forward in 2023. 

Find a New Message 

No matter what product or service you provide, you’ll have competitors. Your job, therefore, isn’t just to sell whatever it is that you offer, but to sell them better than your rivals. One effective way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to put a message at the front and center of your branding. You should aim for your customers to find a deeper purpose and sense of meaning in your business beyond what you offer them. You don’t necessarily have to create a new message for this purpose; it might just be a matter of elevating your existing message and offering it in a more refined manner. 

Work with a Marketing Agency

There was once upon a time when marketing was comparatively straightforward. You could put an advertisement in a newspaper, and well, that was it. Today, of course, there are a million different ways to market your company, and some of these methods are highly nuanced and complex. One way to get ahead is to partner with a marketing agency since they’ll have the tips, tricks, and tools required to ensure that your marketing materials are being seen. You don’t necessarily need an agency for all aspects of your marketing, but for things like SEO, it can be essential. 

Deliver Your Message in New Mediums

There’s more than one way to let people know about all the awesome things that your business can do for them. As such, it’s recommended to look at delivering your marketing materials in a variety of mediums — after all, people respond to different things. One person will love to read blogs, another will listen to podcasts, and someone else could get all they need from videos. Actually, the video method is particularly recommended, since people love streaming videos and also, they provide a good ROI. 

Focus on Existing Customers

Is all of your marketing budget going towards appealing to new customers? That makes sense — after all, all businesses want new customers. However, while it’s logical to think this way, the reality is a bit different. There’s a lot of value in directing your marketing towards your existing customers, not just your potential customers. Studies have shown that this method is much cheaper, and since you already know that they have some interest in your business, it’s more likely to be effective. 

Fine Tune Your Marketing Lists

It costs time and money to send out marketing materials. As such, you’ll want to ensure that your messages are being received by the intended recipients. If your emails aren’t opening or your text messages aren’t delivered, then they’ll offer no return on your investment. As such, it’s recommended to fine-tune your marketing lists to ensure that the information you hold is correct. For your phone numbers, you can use an HLR Lookup guide, which will tell you if the number is still in use. For your email addresses, it’s best to use software to ensure that your emails aren’t bouncing from a particular address, especially since this can increase the chances of your emails being caught in spam filters. 

Develop Your Evergreen Educational Content

It’s important to position yourself as an expert in your industry. After all, while you might know that you know what you’re talking about, the wider public won’t automatically know that. There are multiple ways to express your expertise, but one of the better ways is to build your evergreen educational content. This is content that offers valuable information to your web visitors and which will stay there forever unchanged, or perhaps only slightly edited in line with new information. There’s no time rush on this; it’s worthwhile taking the process slowly so you find a good writer and so forth. As well as informing your customers, this will also help with your SEO credentials, too. 

Boost Your Social Media Conversions

You’ll already be using — or should already be using — social media to grow your followers list. But it’s important to think about the journey they take from your social media accounts to becoming a customer. A person could scroll through your channels all day, but if there’s never any push to buy, then they will likely just remain scrollers. You can’t expect followers to search for your site on Google. Sites such as Instagram now have a bunch of features that allow businesses to sell to followers directly, so play around with the settings and find a method that works for you (i.e., whatever gets the best results).

Digital Marketing Tips

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not going away — in fact, it’s more popular than ever before. It’s also successful, with around $5 being earned for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. So this could be the time to dip your toes in the influencer waters and see what kind of results you can get. Of course, it’s essential that you work with the right influencers; they should have an audience in line with your target demographic. 


There’s never a bad time to step up your marketing game. After all, if you do it correctly, then you should notice that you bring in new customers, strengthen the relationships you have with your existing customers, and all-around help boost your bottom line. In an age when marketing is more challenging than ever, it’s crucial that you adopt the best practices, such as the tips that we’ve outlined above. Take them on board, and you should notice things beginning to improve pretty soon!

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