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8 Life-Changing Steps To Take To Make a Massive Difference Towards Zero Waste

In this fast-growing world, everything is getting advanced and forward. That is why people are more into one-time use, which is certainly not good for our environment and generates lots of waste.

Plastic and harmful metal wastes are affecting the ecosystem and are harmful to flora and fauna. Honestly, it’s possible to think and rethink a life that produces zero waste. It might seem impossible at first, but some people switched lives like this, and it also worked.

In this article, let’s look into 8 Life Changing Steps that you can adapt to make a difference towards zero waste. But, then, let’s dive deep into the article further.

The first step towards this is to chant the reduce, reuse, and recycle mantra. Now let’s break down the terms for your convenience.

Reduce – you need to think of how many items you need in a month and what you can’t do without.

Reuse – try buying a multiple-use good instead of one-time use and throw material. Reuse and DIY everything you can.

Recycle – things you can’t reduce or reuse, send for recycling. This is a good way to put the waste into use again.

Zero waste practitioners have also discovered one new term in this journey. That is ROT. This method is also great, where you return to nature and what you take from it. Here rot means to compost the natural waste and waste that are eligible for composting. Everyone focuses on zero-waste labels, from refillable products to bamboo toilet paper.

Here are the top 8 steps that you can take to reduce the waste count.

1.  Reusable bottles and coffee cups

Half the waste is generated using one-time-use plastic or disposable plastic water bottles and coffee cups. Even paper coffee cups are technically not made with only paper. It’s always better to carry a water bottle from home, preferably a steel water bottle to go plastic-free and a coffee cup you can use on the go. There are foldable cups available on Amazon, so get one for yourself.

2. Refillable daily-use products

Products that we use daily generally come in plastic tubes or plastic packaging. Well, switch to alternative brands that produce glass or tin packaging products. You can also get refillable products which some brands offer. From refillable cleaning products to cosmetic products, everything.

3. Drink your favorite juice guilt-free

We all love drinking different fruit juices during Summer. Every juice we buy comes with either a plastic or paper straw. Straws are fancy and mess-free. In that case, you can use reusable steel or glass straw which is also good for our environment.

4. Sanitary Napkins and Tampons that hit the ground

Tons of sanitary napkins and tampons accumulate in landfill every year. Generally, the sanitary Napkins you get are made with plastic in the process. Likewise, tampons generate a lot of waste every year. So instead, switch to a menstrual cup which is comfortable and life-changing. Or, if you don’t want that, go for reusable or environment-safe pads.

5. Shopping Bags

Have to mention this, as shopping bags which are made up of plastic are really dangerous and threatening to our environment. Use jute or cotton bags for shopping. Keep your shopping bag with you always so that you can cut off on that.

6. Composting

Composting is always a way of thanking nature for selflessly giving us everything we need. Egg shells, Vegetable peels and scraps, food waste, tea, and coffee grounds, everything can be composted. There are better composters on the market, but you can find ways to compost in your backyard and make organic fertilizers for your plants.

7. Give Slow Fashion a chance

Making customized clothes are always cool, and you can even add your own touches to the clothes. Get addicted to thrifting as it is much more effective. Saves money and also the planet. Buying haul products and lots of products generates lots of waste and also products which also generate lots of waste.

8. Wooden things are cool!

Try using wooden toothbrushes, combs, etc., to save the planet. You can also go for wooden cutlery, which is easy to carry daily and not too heavy.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up the article, and hope you’ve gotten the exact info you were looking for. So, go ahead and try out the things mentioned above, and we’re sure that you will make a massive difference to our Earth.




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