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8 Interesting Ideas to gain following on Instagram

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Instagram rapidly grew out of its initial impression as a fun application for youngsters and has become a genuine platform for advertising, selling, servicing, and audience building for people and brands. It is the most mainstream social media platform in the world, with more than 200 million monthly individuals sharing 60 million pictures and 1.6 billion likes each day. 

Engagement rates for brands on most social media platforms are under 0.1%, however, Instagram tops them all. The normal Instagram engagement rate for brands is an epic 58 times higher than Facebook. There are more than 25 million business profiles and 2 million advertisers on the platform. Keeping these substantial figures in my mind, it is imperative for you and your brand to be on Instagram and gain a following. Hence, enlisted in this article are 8 interesting ideas that will help you with buying active Instagram likes and followers. 

 1) Choose an Engaging Aesthetic 

With regards to Instagram, aesthetics is critical. It is an image and video-sharing platform at its core, so visuals are everything. To start with, you need to choose an overall brand aesthetic for your brand and stick to it. 

In case you are following somebody on Instagram, you are doing so because they have fascinating pictures and an aesthetic profile. Post high-quality photographs and buy real Instagram followers when they go through your page. Ensure the aesthetic that you pick is straightforwardly and truly attached to your brand. Try not to switch your filters too often to establish a consistent style that can gain you engagement. 

2) Use Hashtags 


A customised, branded and, a dedicated hashtag allows you to classify your best content. When a potential active Instagram follower discovers your page by means of another profoundly designated hashtag, they are bound to follow you after seeing your best content. 

You may likewise consider making a branded hashtag for every one of your Instagram advertising campaigns. Campaign hashtags are regularly utilized by your followers, which then catches the attention of their followers. If their followers have similar interests, they also may begin following your brand. 

3) Optimize your Bio 

Capitalize on those 150 characters. Your Instagram bio tells your potential active Instagram followers what your brand is about. Your Instagram bio ought to include: a description of your brand, a call-to-action (CTA), and a link. 

The link in your bio is your solitary clickable link on Instagram, so use it astutely. Consider including a branded hashtag too. Adding the branded hashtag to your profile lets individuals know which hashtag to use to advertise or share. In addition, when anybody taps on the hashtag, they will see posts from fans who have utilized it. 

4) Make use of Reels 

When everything comes down to getting greater engagement on Instagram, you should simply use the right method. Instagram Reels is one such strategy that boosts your scope and perceivability and offers a worthwhile chance to brands, organizations, or even people to depict their thoughts in a short video. Engage and invite active Instagram followers with a 30-second video clip and gain a higher engagement on Instagram. 

5) Create IGTVs 

IGTV has become a fundamental feature of Instagram and it does not seem to be going out of action any soon. With COVID-19, social media users are going to Instagram for entertainment resourced by IGTVs. 

Creating an IGTV series will help you reach a new audience. If you have not made an IGTV series yet, 2021 is an incredible chance to get in the game. Consider what videos your audience would be keen on and start making content around that. Additionally, video content will in general get more foothold on your feed, as compared to pictures. 

6) Host Live Sessions 

Going live on Instagram is the most ideal approach to drive engagement and get more active Instagram followers. Instagram Live is a video stream that empowers you to foster an association with your audience. There is nothing better than your followers submitting comments and questions about you or your brand in real-time. Other than this, content alternatives for live sessions can include shows, games and competitions, online courses, and tutorials. With Instagram Live Shopping, you can even sell products during an Instagram live stream. 

7) Write Engaging Captions 

Keep your followers engaged with sharp, clever, and appealing captions that clarify with clearness the aim of your post. Captions are an extraordinary method to show your brand’s personality since individuals like to feel associated with those they follow. Converse with your followers through your captions. Keep your captions informative and elucidating however not exceedingly long. People like straightforward, short, and interesting pieces of text to read on social media and your captions should exemplify that. 

8) Be Diverse and Inclusive 

Having an open, comprehensive, and diverse Instagram account is not just the correct thing but on the other hand, it is a method to drive your engagement and follower count. There are numerous ways you can make a more open and comprehensive Instagram account. The first and most straightforward step you can take is to start including captions to your Instagram video content. In addition to the fact that captions are important for individuals who watch without sound, they are also fundamental for those with hearing disabilities. 

A significant shift has been observed with brands and influencers taking responsibility for their absence of diversity in their advertising. Indeed, 74% of customers expect the brands they love to stand firm on significant issues. In doing as such, it acculturates your image, increments brand following, and in turn your Instagram following.  


Instagram has developed into a social media force to be reckoned with across the world and if you follow the best social media techniques, you can include Instagram in your marketing strategy. Along with the ways mentioned above, you can also feel free to buy Instagram followers which in turn will help you gain organic engagement. Some best sites to buy Instagram followers are, ‘Twicsy,’ ‘Buzzoid,’ ‘Rushmax,’ etc. Make sure to utilise these simple tips to earn a massive engagement of active Instagram followers. 

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