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8 Gifts to Buy for the Tech-Obsessed Friend 

With the holiday season right around the corner, the time to buy gifts for those we love is approaching us. Perhaps you have some ideas in mind, or maybe this very article marks the beginning of your exploration. Whatever the case, shopping isn’t always easy. Our well-off friends and loved ones buy everything they want anyway, some of us are fickle, and others have unusual taste.

Your tech-obsessed friend, on the other hand, may be the easiest gift recipient on your roster. Why? Because the tech industry has no shortage of products, with new gadgets often releasing right around Christmas time. There’s simply no way any tech junky can stay ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for ideas, read on.

A Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality is set to boom in 2019. While the technology has yet to experience mass-adoption, the hardware continues to become more affordable. Most people are hesitant to make the switch but those who have can’t understand why. Why not encourage this transition with a VR headset? Your techy friend might cry with elation at the sight of it.

A Drone

What’s not to love about a drone? They’re hovercrafts that can livestream the first-person view, fly over 70mph, capture stellar aerial photography, and more. Today, consumer drones are not only recreational, they’re commercial. From units that cost no more than $100, to brilliantly engineered machines like those in DJI’s fleet, there’s a drone that can accomplish anything. Surprise your friend with a drone and they may never play video games again.

A New Console

Is there a console your techy friend has been drooling over? Perhaps the new Nintendo Switch? Play Station? Xbox? Gifting a console to a techy gamer massages their dreams. It’s a gift that will never stop giving—even well after that specific unit is outdated. A true techy returns to their old machines and uses them every now and then to indulge in nostalgia. A console, although certainly not cheap, can be a fantastic gift for a techy gamer.

A New Monitor

A monitor is an essential piece for the techy PC gamer. It is, after all, what’s going to display the game they’re staring at. Why not surprise them with the best gaming monitor? Better yet, take it one step further and pair the monitor with a new graphics card to optimize display performance. Not only are you upgrading their system, you’re providing a monitor which has the capacity to support the new graphics.

Gaming Keyboard

In the same vein as the above, gift your techy friend a new gaming keyboard that complements the machine they play on. Everyone loves a new keyboard, especially if its functionality succeeds the previous one. There exists a multitude of different options to choose from.

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The techy’s bread and butter is their headphones. At the most stereotypical level, you could imagine the ‘tech-obsessed’ personality as someone in their room, drinking energy drinks, and typing away on the computer with their headphones in. The reality is that everyone benefits from a new pair of headphones, as they’re applicable to everyday life. Be it gaming, workout, or regular headphones, a new pair is always welcomed.

Display Stand

There are items and products in life that we never think to buy. Yet, when we’re gifted them, we have no idea how we operated without said item in the first place. A display stand is a fantastic way to complement a tech junky’s hardware. They can setup their tablet in the kitchen, living room, on their nightstand, or wherever and enjoy handsfree entertainment.

Wireless Security Camera

The days of hard-lined security camera systems are coming to an end. In fact, the do-it-yourself security system is trending, and most units are IP cameras that are WiFi capable. A security camera no longer has to break the bank account and can, for the most part, be installed, setup, and programmed by anyone. It’s an odd, unique, and highly applicable gift that any tech junky would love—even just to interact with the new technology.

We’re living in a technological age. Today, tech junkies are rewarded by a culture that supports their passion—and pushes it forward every day. When it comes to presents they’d enjoy, the tech list is endless.

Bonus tip

If you’re just looking for a small gift or stocking-filler, then your best option is probably to look for something with a tech reference. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. If you want something really unique and special, look for items that can be personalized, especially practical ones like keychains. These gifts are both useful and fun.

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