8 Fantastic Social Media Sites for Teachers and Students

Students and Teachers

We can no longer deny that social media and technology are becoming part of everyone’s lifestyle. From our schedules to our fitness and even with our finances, tech has found a way to integrate itself to our daily routine.

In fact, it would not be a surprise if we also leverage on social media and technology to take learning to the next level, and encourage collaboration among each other. After all, technology has enabled innovation to be possible.

Here are a few websites that could bridge academic discussions and provide a more effective learning environment for both students and teachers in a bring-your-own-device academic set-up.

For teachers and instructors:


Going by the tagline “where education meets innovation,” Edmodo is a digital classroom that allows teachers and students (and even the parents!) to connect and collaborate.

Putting students’ welfare in learning at the core of its service, Edmodo empowers teachers to transform the academic setting for their students into something they’d enjoy. The site makes learning more fun and social for students by giving them more ways to engage–through discussion topics, polls, badges and more–while giving teachers more control over the digital classroom. Parents are not left out of the loop as they can monitor their children’s academic progress.


Numerous studies have supported the significance of audio visuals in the learning process as it helps in the acquisition, retention and recall of information.

Now, TeacherTube is the perfect website for free educational videos for all academic levels. With just a quick search, the website can bring you thousands of instructional videos relevant to what you need.

It also has channels, playlists, and groups that can help you refine your search. TeacherTube caters to a community f teachers, students, parents, and home learners–basically, everyone who wants to learn and share something informational!


Students are hooked on social networking sites more than ever.

Would you believe though, if there’s a social media site that is focused on participative technologies in the classroom? It fosters a community of educators who can share their ideas and learn from each other through learning events, forums and discussions, and coursework writing services.


Bridging education and technology is made easier for teachers and instructors by Edudemic. It’s a dedicated site that is treasure trove of tips, trends, and techniques that will equip them in handling digital classrooms effectively.  

The site has teacher’s guides, research and resource materials on the newest apps and tools that can be used for innovative learning. The goal at Edudemic is to have teachers well-prepared for an online classroom setting that has fully integrated technology and learning.

For Students:


Ditching the term learning management system for class collaboration platform, Chalkup aims to be an online space where teachers and students can work together through streamlined workflows, shared educational resources, and easy grading process.

It also allows easier and personalized communication between the instructors and students. What’s more, students can maximize their productivity with Chalkup’s workload estimator that predicts the time students will need for their tasks.

MineCraft Education Edition 

You’ve probably heard of the popular online game called Minecraft. Interestingly, it has an educational counterpart that can easily catch students’ attention! It simulates the game, but with learning objectives incorporated into the game.

The MineCraft Education edition permits you to work on projects with a classroom community, and even ask for information guide and sources from in-game guides.

For Students and Teachers:


We’ve always relied on flashcards to make studying a breeze. All those important terms, key words, phrases, and visual cues written on tiny cards were meant to enhance a student’s memory recall. But did you know that memorization via flashcards can be better?

StudyBlue has digitized flashcards on numerous subjects that can help students memorize important information easier, and for teachers to make their lessons more effective. Both student and teachers can create their own flashcards that can include text, images, audio or videos that can improve your study skills.

The flashcards, study notes and guides are user-generated so you can share it with everyone!


When you want to bookmark too many online resources and educational tools, it can clutter your notes and mind. This is where Symbaloo comes to the rescue!

It allows students and teachers to save online educational tools and resources in the cloud for later access.  Its tiles interface allows for a visual resource management that integrates content into for personalized teaching and learning.

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