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8 Exceptional Bitcoin Mining Software in 2023 : Legitimate & Comprehensive Guide

Bitcoin MiningSoftware

If you are in search of the finest and most reliable Bitcoin mining platform, you have come to the right place. We are here to present you with a compilation of the leading crypto mining websites that are currently gaining popularity online. Discover more at

Does it bother you to rent the mine and the physical hardware by yourself? Cloud mining is the solution you need. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of cloud mining, from its definition to equipment rental, ensuring a smooth and efficient mining process. Let’s dive right into it!

What exactly is bitcoin mining?

Cloud mining involves purchasing a specific amount of “Hash Power” and joining a mining pool to participate in cryptocurrency mining without the need for hardware downloads. Numerous companies are willing to perform this labor-intensive task for you, engaging in cloud mining at a significantly reduced cost. This is the ultimate guide for individuals seeking to earn free cryptocurrencies or bitcoin through bitcoin faucets.

In This Comprehensive Guide:

  • HappyMiner
  • – BeMine
  • – Ecos
  • – StormGain
  • – KuCoin
  • – Nicehash
  • – Genesis Mining
  • – Bitdeer

Top 8 bitcoin mining platforms

1 – HappyMiner

HappyMiner is a legitimate cloud mining company founded in the United States in

  1. With a vast tech park housing dedicated Bitcoin mining machinery, HappyMiner stands out as a reputable hash provider. Its data centers are strategically located in Norway, Canada, and Iceland, catering to over 2.8 million individuals worldwide who receive cryptocurrency payments from HappyMiner.

 Bitcoin MiningSoftware


⦁ Receive a $10 Bonus upon Signing Up.

⦁ Daily automated payouts.

⦁ Purchase the free package on a daily basis.

⦁ Enjoy a lifetime 4.5% rewards through the affiliate program.

⦁ No management or electricity fees.

⦁ Multiple crypto contract centers available.

⦁ 24/7 online customer service.

⦁ DDoS and SSL protected system.

Minimum Investment: $10

For more details about HappyMiner, please visit

2  – BeMine

Established in early 2018, BeMine provides its services in Russia and CIS countries. It introduced cloud sharing of ASIC-miners, a unique approach compared to selling mining contracts. BeMine operates with over ~70,000Th/s in various locations such as Irkutsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk region, Siberia, and Almaty, Kazakhstan, with plans for further expansion.

BeMine brings together Russian data centers, miners, and individuals worldwide who wish to engage in cryptocurrency. Miners have the opportunity to store their equipment in partnered data centers, while users can purchase and store mining equipment without the need for personal involvement in the purchase, transportation, installation, configuration, and maintenance of ASICs.


  • No deposit fees
  • Option to purchase part of ASIC miners
  • Offers analytics and support via Telegram
  • Emphasizes energy-efficient mining
  • Provides a profitability calculator


Other mining services enjoy greater popularity among users.

3  – Ecos

ECOS goes beyond traditional cloud mining and serves as a comprehensive cryptocurrency investment platform, offering a wide array of digital asset products and tools within a unified ecosystem.

The company provides a diverse range of mining contracts to users, with a minimum contract price of $149. These contracts remain active for periods ranging from twelve to fifty months. Additionally, users have various options for deposits and withdrawals, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC.


  • Daily payments
  • Customized contract purchasing
  • Low risk of fraud
  • Minimum withdrawal requirement is low


Supports only Bitcoin mining, with a relatively limited range of user choices.

4  – StormGain

StormGain is a platform that offers a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. It performs all BTC mining operations without draining your mobile or computer battery. Users can conveniently track asset value fluctuations directly from the platform’s interface.

Furthermore, StormGain provides powerful charting tools for monitoring price trends. Founded in 2019, the platform is available in multiple languages and features a seamless registration process. An exceptional aspect of StormGain is its intelligent anti-fraud engine. Moreover, mining rewards are distributed equitably every 30 to 40 minutes.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable and trusted service
  • Robust anti-fraud engine
  • Offers up to a 20% bonus on every deposit
  • Consistent and stable payments


  • No built-in bot or automatic trading features ● Difficulty in calculating withdrawal amounts

5  – KuCoin

This renowned cryptocurrency exchange made its debut in September 2017.

KuCoin currently offers lending, staking, P2P trading, futures, and spot trading. Known for its user-friendly platform, KuCoin caters to a global audience and supports over 200 countries, facilitating the trading of more than 600 cryptocurrencies.


  • KuCoin operates independently, without financial regulation
  • No mining revenue fees
  • Trusted and reliable platform


  • Unable to withdraw fiat currency
  • Limited mining options, focused on BTC and BCH ● Restricted features for users in the United States

6  – Nicehash

Nicehash serves as both a mining hosting service and a marketplace. It offers miners the freedom to customize their mining terms, allowing users to select the desired hash quantity, duration, and payment amount. Customers can also connect their miners and sell hash rates to other users on the platform by attaching their GPU.


  • Peer-to-peer hash rate trading
  • Option for fiat withdrawals
  • Lightning-fast network mode
  • Remote mining management capabilities


  • Slow payout rate compared to other cloud mining companies
  • Relatively higher costs than most competitors

7  – Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the largest cloud mining companies specializing in bitcoin mining projects. Established in 2013, the company has earned a strong reputation in the market by providing intelligent and user-friendly investment solutions.

With over 2 million customers worldwide, Genesis Mining stands as the leading provider of hash power for altcoins and bitcoin.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Established and reliable services
  • Consistent and timely payments
  • Utilizes top-notch mining equipment


Does not offer an exchange for hash rate sales

8  – Bitdeer

This versatile crypto platform offers a wide range of services, including crypto mining and a multi-brand hash rate marketplace. The marketplace allows investors to buy and sell hash rates with each other. The project collaborates with the world’s largest mining pools and premier mining equipment manufacturers. Powerful ASIC and GPU miners handle the mining operations. To begin mining, users must invest a minimum of $542, which includes 50TH/s for Bitcoin cloud mining. Additionally, Bitdeer offers cloud contracts in over 200 countries, with a duration of 180 days for all contract types. The project has successfully established five fully compliant data centers worldwide.


  • Integration with iOS and Android apps
  • Hash rate market
  • Real-time cryptocurrency charts
  • Cloud hosting for miners


High investment threshold required



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