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8 Essential Twitter Accounts for Canadian Tech Investors

Canadian Tech Investors

If you plan to be part of the tech family, one essential tool you will need is Twitter. It’s the most preferred social media platform by well-established tech entrepreneurs. They publicly engage in conversations about the future of technology on this social platform.

One of the world’s best countries with the most prominent tech gurus on Twitter is Canada. Most of Canada’s successful tech investors have known the importance of getting in touch with the rest of the world through social media.

Essential Twitter Accounts for Canadian Tech Investors

It would be hard for you to think of all the most successful Canadian tech investors’ names to go and follow on Twitter. 

In this write-up, we have a list of the essential Twitter accounts for Canadian tech investors. You can always follow them to get investment ideas.

1) Eugene Melnyk 

We begin our list with this 61-year-old Canadian businessman and philanthropist. Eugene_Melnyk is the owner and governor of Ottawa Senators of NHL and the Belleville Senators of AHL.

Melnyk is also the founder and CEO of Biovail Corporation, a pharmaceutical company that is well known in Canada. However, Bausch Health of Canada acquired the company in 2007. 

Melnyk recently tweeted his excitement to launch his new website blog. He views Twitter as his personal safe space to share his thoughts and ideas with the world about sports and business. 

Eugene Melnyk has attracted over 24,000 people to his Twitter account, with his official page verified. He uses @MelnykEugene as his Twitter handle. 

2) Tobi Lütke

Tobias, also known as Tobi, is a German-Canadian billionaire, the founder, and CEO of Shopify. Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company in Ottawa, Canada. If you want to do sales, shipping, or manage your product, Shopify will help you with the task.

At only 39 years old, this Canadian entrepreneur has his company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Tobi was interested in technology since he was young. At the age of 12, he liked modifying computer hardware and rewriting codes of the games he played.

Tobi dropped out of school at grade ten to become a computer programmer through an apprenticeship. He created Shopify in 2006, and in 2014, The Globe and Mail named him the CEO of the year. 

This young wealthy tech entrepreneur uses his Twitter platform to share his thoughts on the country’s business future. He also gives updates on his business, Shopify, and insights into how it will continue to grow. His Twitter handle is @tobi. 

3) Darrell Etherington

Darrel is a passionate writer at TechCrunch, where he focuses on information to do with science, space, and health. TechCrunch is an American online newspaper that was founded in June 2005. People know this online newspaper from the Disrupt conferences. 

Before Techcrunch, Darrel worked for Shopify and Apple in the public relations department of both. He uses his Twitter account to give insights about the future of technology, as he also provides updates of the TechCrunch magazine. His Twitter handle is @etherington.

4) Shahrzad Rafati

Rafati is the founder and CEO of Broadband TV. This Iran-Canadian citizen created Broadband TV in 2005. 

Broadband is a digital media and technology company that provides a safe space for content creation, distribution, and monetarization solutions. Big entities like the NBA use it to stream premium content videos of their games. 

In 2018, the prime minister appointed Shahrazad to represent Canada on the Business Women Leaders task force. The following year, she became the vice-chair to Invest in Canada through an appointment.

Invest in Canada is a federal agency established to help create jobs in Canada. The agency achieves that by highlighting Canada’s skilled and diverse talent pool, the geographic advantage of Canada, and its economic growth in various industries.

She is passionate about innovation, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship. She is very humble, a character reflected on her Twitter page, and her view on social issues significantly impacts Canadian citizens. 

She also talks about her company’s current trends on her page. Her Twitter handle is @shahrzadrafati.

5) Eva Lau

Eva Lau is a respected Canadian entrepreneur who is a co-founder of Two Small Fish Ventures. She founded Two Small Fish with her husband, intending to build a large scale internet company that helps entrepreneurs grow. Their fund is sponsored by wealthy individuals, product and company creators, and big family offices. 

Before this venture, Eva worked for Wattpad as their Head of Community and Content. She has been at Wattpad since it was new and unknown and has helped in naturing it to the big and known largest online community. 

Eva joined Twitter in 2010, using @MrsEvaLau as her Twitter handle. She uses her platform to give hope and inspiration to upcoming tech entrepreneurs. She also provides updates on how her business is doing and what to expect in the future.

6) Shaliza Somani

Her Twitter bio describes her as a seasoned professional specializing in internet marketing, operations management, and business development for over ten years. 

Somani is a co-producer of a film called Middle Men. She works for a Web marketing company in Etobicoke, Canada, and refers to herself as a seasoned professional. Somani’s Twitter handle is @ShalizaSomani.

On her page, she shares her own published articles on ‘how to…’ and encourage tech entrepreneurs. 

7) Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine is the CEO of Diply, social news and entertainment platform that connects people with the content they love. Diply has engaging and captivating videos and news that stirs social conversations. 

Before Diply, Kirstine was the head of English language services at a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and she has also been the vice president of media at Twitter. 

Kirstine has also worked in the United States, where she was the head of international television broadcasting for Hallmark channels worldwide. 

This 52-year-old Canadian lady is on Twitter as @kirstinestewart. She is an active member of this platform, and she gives her opinions on social issues. She is very popular with her followers, and she is a strong feminist. 

8) Ryan Holmes

Holmes is the founder and CEO of a social management system, Hootsuite. People use Hootsuite to promote their social content and grow their brands. 

Ryan Holmes is on Twitter as @invoker, where he shares employment policies and his insights on the future of digital marketing. His tweets make sense to many, given that he is the CEO of a social media management platform, Hootsuite.

Final Words

These Canadian tech investors understand the importance of social media platforms. They have turned up to use them in the correct way to inspire interested and upcoming tech entrepreneurs. When the upcoming businesses or people interact with prominent entrepreneurs through Twitter, they will know all the success tips.

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