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8 Editing Services to Write a Business Plan for a Fintech Startup?

So, you have developed new technology to improve or automate financial services. You’re in the process of starting a company in the fintech industry, and the only thing missing is a business plan. As an entrepreneur, you need good editing services or at least a simple version of a business plan that you can elaborate as you get closer to meeting potential investors and partners. Why do you need it? Well, usually it’s for one of two reasons. Either you want a shared strategy for your team, or you need to raise funding from investors.

If your business plan is for coordinating your team through a shared strategy, you don’t necessarily need a formal, comprehensive business plan. Instead, you can choose a simple and agile version of the business plan. One that can easily adapt to the frequent changes which are common in the fintech startup scene.

If you’re writing a business plan in hopes of obtaining funding, you need a more detailed plan that can convince investors about your idea. You should start with the problem and solution and introduce your unique value proposition. You also must cover questions about your target market, cash flow, and team. All of this needs to be included in the business plan in a polished form.

Keep in mind that planning has a tendency to pay off. In fact, entrepreneurs who write a formal plan are 16 percent more likely to succeed than those without a plan.

How to write your business plan then and ensure that it’s polished enough for investors? One way is to use editing services to enhance your plan and secure funding from investors. Here is a list of editing services that you can consider for your fintech startup:

1) Grammarly

An editing platform that offers proofreading and plagiarism-detection services. You can improve your content by using the application to detect mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and word choice. You can just copy and paste your text and let the application start the editing process. Each editing suggestion is also explained which is helpful if you want to avoid the same mistake in the future.

2) Handmade Writing

A website that offers a broad variety of writing and editing services for different purposes. Their custom essay writing service guarantees to make your content smooth, clear, and engaging. And they don’t only serve students only but also offer services to people in business who have texts such as business plans that need some professional editing.

To use their services, you need to first fill in the details of your writing or editing task. They will then assign a writer specialized in the topic, for example, business plans. Finally, you will receive the completed text or edited version of your text.

3) Hemingway App

An online editor that gives suggestions for making your text easier to read. Because people appreciate brevity, in particular in business, this app is a good choice if you want your text to be smoother. It scans your text and identifies parts that could be expressed in a more succinct way to make your text smoother.

The app can also identify passive voice and other difficult sentence structures that can hinder readability. After the analysis, you will get a readability score.

4) ProWritingAid

A writing software that comprises a grammar checker, writing mentor, and style editor. Designed to help you write and edit your content, the app also has a word explorer and thesaurus which are useful for finding the right words. An additional feature allows you to visualize sentence length and variation. To keep your readers interested, it’s important to have variation in your sentence length.

5) Readable

A readability application that offers a range of text analysis services. In addition to copy and paste text analysis, it also provides website scanning, URL analysis, and email scoring services. The app will also give you a readability score, keyword density analysis, and other statistics that can improve your writing.

6) Slick Write

A web-based editing application that analyzes your text for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, structure, and style. The app has a user-friendly interface, and it helps you enhance your text without having to download or install any software.

Its layout includes only the necessary: editing, writing, analytics, thesaurus, and settings. You can customize the settings for things you don’t want to be changed.

7) WebSpellChecker

A spell checking software that has two separate products for editing your texts.

SpellcheckAsYouType corrects errors at the same time as you type. It’s integrated with your browser and underlines errors on the go. Each editing suggestion is explained as you hover over the underlined part.

WebSpellChecker inspects your content in a separate window without making changes to your original version. You can accept or reject the corrections.

8) WriteMyEssayToday

An academic writing service that provides polished content for any topic. Their essay editing service is always tailored to your specific needs. In addition to offering services for students, they also serve business people through their business writing service.

Using their service is simple. You just fill in an order form on their site and give your guidelines. Next, you choose a writing or editing expert to discuss your project, whether it’s an article for your company blog or a business plan. After you reach an agreement, the writer or editor will produce the content for you. You can then download the finished product on their website.

If you want to read more about the benefits of business writing and fintech startups, you can check our earlier post about writing a blog for a fintech startup.

These editing services can help you polish your business plan and convince investors that your business is worth their money. A well-written and detailed business plan is able to attract more funding for your startup in the competitive fintech industry.

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